Inhabit: Your Ground


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Watch as Ryan, Corey, and Marshall explore how Integral Practice allows us to more fully inhabit our ground by helping us bring more awareness to the most fundamental dimensions of our own lived territory.


For me reality is that during 97 days of quarantine here in Spain Lower Right slowed dramatically, no air planes over our heads, no people or cars on the streets. The ground was really moved from under our feet, so Lower Left went to archaic mode, toilet paper and cleaning products disappeared from supermarkets. Got no TV so Upper Left was enjoying the silence of the city the clear sky and the singing of birds I never have hear before. While Upper Right got fatter and fatter.

Maybe, this pre-civilization where we are living or any transcended grow needs a radical stop, go to chaos and starts from ground cero, there must be a recurrent pattern of this kind of things.

By the way, World Trade Center was a controlled demolition, that is a reality.

About the shadow work, just go near your family and your childhood friends and pay attention to your reactions, the things that irritate you the most, there you got real material to work with.

Great video, Thanks you for your work.