Inhabit: Your Inner Theatre


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Corey and Ryan take you on a cinematic journey through the stages of human development, a tour of your own inner theatre, using a series of 21 carefully-curated film clips to illustrate some of the most important qualities of each stage.


Hi there
I’m new to the Integral theory and that’s a great intro. Hearing Corey and Ryan comment about film clips was particularly enlightening. I’m a true cinephile (being French might have helped). I wonder *if there is a list of turquoise or teal tv shows, movies and documentaries somewhere.

Not that I have so much time on my hands these days, but as they were saying, art is a great way to understand what the creators are processing. Since I don’t have much time to spend on media, I would love to find media that helps me grow.

I look forward to the musical version of this episode.