Inhabit: Your Inner Theatre

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Corey and Ryan take you on a cinematic journey through the stages of human development, a tour of your own inner theatre, using a series of 21 carefully-curated film clips to illustrate some of the most important qualities of each stage.

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Hi there
I’m new to the Integral theory and that’s a great intro. Hearing Corey and Ryan comment about film clips was particularly enlightening. I’m a true cinephile (being French might have helped). I wonder *if there is a list of turquoise or teal tv shows, movies and documentaries somewhere.

Not that I have so much time on my hands these days, but as they were saying, art is a great way to understand what the creators are processing. Since I don’t have much time to spend on media, I would love to find media that helps me grow.

I look forward to the musical version of this episode.


Thanks Corey and Ryan! Great piece and awesome Integral Primer. I have been talking about Integral theory with family and close friends but have been looking for something to reference and share to help with showing examples of each altitude. And this is perfect! I have shared- now I just have to hound them to watch. Great work! I look forward to experiencing more in the Inhabit series.