Inhabit: Your Quarantine

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We are joined by special guest Keith Martin-Smith, an acclaimed author, teacher, and dear friend to the show, in order to explore key practices and postures to help us maintain our physical, mental, and spiritual health while enduring the painful realities that all of us are so immersed in right now.


Thanks guys! Really enjoyed the conversation. As for the subject of “building bridges” I’m more like you Corey in the sense that I’ll tend to have discussions with a lot of people that I disagree with or that are coming from different levels. On any given day I may have conversations with multiple people that are all at different structural stages. From Red to Green with Amber & Orange in between I find myself shifting how & what I communicate depending on my intuitive knowledge of who I’m interacting with. Many think I waste my time engaging others that look at things differently but I kind of feel like a “seed planter” and “energy connector.” If we’re to keep our human family bonded we’re going to have to learn to love and accept our annoying brothers and sisters that we may not even like. It’s not easy and can sometimes be downright discouraging but I can’t see any other way forward other than deeper unity.

The one thing that I’ve improved at is listening. Twenty years ago I was too concerned with being “correct” and making my point. Today I’m more likely to think about what and how I could communicate something to someone so that they can understand it the best way possible for the level & state of consciousness they’re at.