Integral Architecture & The Course

I believe it was in “Grace & Grit” where our intrepid leader described Mr. Goenka’s Vipassana seminars as The Course. It was Vipassana that lead me to Mr. Wilber in college because I was desperate for academic discourse on The Course. Wilber became my lifeline and I devoured his books and of course, ruined my academic career in the process. I’m not blaming Ken! I’m thanking him. And since the textbook on Integral Architecture was published, I value Ken’s work more than ever.

The academy has fallen to STEM vocational training and in the process, lost the Trivium core within actual academics. Plato and Goenka had spoiled college for me long before Wilber. After an undergrad in American Studies I turned to architecture and construction outside the mainstream, which it suits me well. Still, deep community is rare. Vipassana Heads are rarely egg-heads and Integral Heads are simply rare.

Anyone want to chat?

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Hi Traddius, I am pleased to find another architect that has integral understanding. Can I ask you which book do you mention under the name “Integral Architecure”? As far as I know , there are two mainly important architects writing on this field: Mark DeKay’s books and Peter Buchanan’s Towards a Complete Architecture. There are many other books, include the name “Integral”, however I do not know much about them. I myself am writing down my own perspectives on architecture under the light of integral theory, however I have a lot to work on for the moment.