Integral Christianity and the Growing Edge Event

Do you find yourself on the growing edge of Christianity seeking deeper spiritual engagement and an evolved Christian spiritual path?

Join us for a special opportunity with Rev. Paul Smith (author of “Integral Christianity” and “Is Your God Big Enough, Close Enough, and You Enough”) and Luke Healy (Integral Christian Network). Learn about integral Christianity and how it helps us grow up, wake up, and experience God with us, in us, and beyond us. Practice whole body awakening and wespace community practice. This is a hybrid event where Rev. Paul Smith will be joining us via live webcast and Luke Healy will be joining in person. This event is part retreat, part workshop, interactive, informative, and practice based. Both Paul and Luke will answer questions and lead us in spiritual practice.

Paul Smith is a mystic, author, and teacher of the Jesus path. He is retired from his forty-nine-year pastorate at Broadway Church in Kansas City, Missouri. He has taught at churches, seminaries, and various religious gatherings around the country. As a leading voice of Integral Christianity, he has published two groundbreaking books Integral Christianity: The Spirit’s call to Evolve and Is Your God Big Enough? Close Enough? You Enough? The Full Spectrum God of Jesus.

Luke Healy is the co-founder of Integral Christian Network, an endeavor to help further the loving evolution of Christian consciousness and practice. He is passionate about pioneering innovation in forms of spiritual community, in gathering like-minded and like-hearted pilgrims on the spiritual journey, and making mystical experience of God accessible in individual and collective practice.

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