Integral Church Discussion


Here’s the place to discuss the “Integral Church” practice sessions.


Hi Mark, here’s your first reply!


How do we add topics here?

Great topics for us.

  1. Integral Christianity: Panentheism, Gratitude, and the Three Faces of God


I think this is how it works. Mark created a topic called Integral Church Discussion, so we could use that for general house-keeping topics, maybe creating a headline in Bold text. To create new topics, click on the Integral Life+ logo in the upper left of the page. On the next page, in the upper right corner, click on + New Topics to add topics like “Integral Church Christianity,” “Integral Church Buddhism” and so on. Doing a search for “Integral Church” should take you to the the various headings.

For example, I created an “Integral Church Buddhism” topic, then did a search for “integral church” and Integral Church Buddhism and Integral Church Discussion were the top two items. You can add comments by clicking on Reply under the topic you choose.


OK, so we’ll standardize on the first two words: “Integral Church” and then the thread header topic.


Yes using a standard way of titling posts seems like a good way to find subjects quickly. Gary


Hey folks,

Since Integral Church is an ongoing series, each episode focusing on one topic at a time, perhaps it would be best to keep it all in one thread, where you can discuss the most recent session, and make suggestions for the next? And then, if you have a particular topic or inquiry to explore in more depth, those can be broken out into new threads. That way we keep the front page of the community a bit less congested :slight_smile:

Does that make sense, and still satisfy the needs of the group?


I think that’s a good idea.


Another possibility — what if there was a private Facebook or Discord group for this practice series (and separate groups for other practices as well). Would this be a more rewarding experience for you guys than using a forum such as this?


It does. Is there a way to have a “category” of Integral Church and sub-topics like "Discussion from IC 1-1-23) or “Apply non-dualism to traditional religions.” Trying to think of how to keep them together, but clean


I’m open to Discord, but I’m not savvy about social media–e.g., rarely view Facebook. I don’t know what the learning curve for Discord is. I would do Facebook too, but it has a bad taste for me.

Maybe we can do some thinking about this before Sunday and make a decision?