Integral Cinema Studio

In this remarkable exploration, Mark walks us through all of the main elements of Integral theory—using some of our favorite movies to illustrate the basics of the Integral approach, while noting how each of these elements has shaped the cinema experience since the invention of film itself. Not only does this series offer a wealth of perspective and insight to film, filmmakers, and audiences alike, but it also brings more color, more sound, and more awesome explosions to Integral thought and practice.

Integral Theory has several perspective-taking frameworks or lenses of perception through which we can perceive, experience, and integrate the multiple dimensions of existence. In this series of articles I will be exploring applying these various Integral lenses to the creation and viewing of cinematic media, which I am defining as any media that uses moving (kinetic) images as a means of expression.
—Mark Allan Kaplan

Includes the following pieces:

Scene 1: The Holonic Lens
Scene 2: The Quadratic Lens
Scene 3: The Developmental Lens
Scene 4: The States Lens
Scene 5: The Typological Lens
Scene 6: The Zonal Lens
Scene 7: The Altitudinal Lens
Scene 8: The Energetics Lens
Scene 9: The Methodology Lens
Scene 10: The Complexity Lens
Scene 11: The Archetypal Lens