Integral Coaching

Hello Everyone,

I am embarking on my entrepreneurial journey and I am in the process of getting my Life Coach practice up and running. I was looking into getting certified and going through Integral Coaching Canada (ICC) as I would like to use the integral framework as a foundation for my Coaching practice. I was wondering if there are any coaches that can offer advice as to which certification would be well worth time/energy. From the research I did, ICC is the only coaching school that uses the integral model.

Thank you and much love

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Hello Equanimtize,

my name is Ari and I am an ICF certified coach, I did my training through Erickson International, before I was aware of ICC, I know Erickson is great and if you need any information about schools or coaching feel free to send me by email

good luck :wink:

Right on, I’ll send you an email. Thank you for the response!

Hello there,
I’ve trained with Integral Coaching Canada and I have to say their training is mega. It’s intense and rigorous, fully steeped in Integral and will move you personally through deep development.
They usually have some community zoom calls you can join that run before classes start so you can find out more about it and talk to the teachers.
Good luck!

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Love this, I appreciate the information. I am definitely intrigued. Thank you!