Integral Critical Theory: The 8 Zones of Racism


Relevant article that just popped in my feed:


Haha I totally do. Way more in these comments than in real life. It’s hard to pull off a good wink in real life without looking cheesy, or worse, creepy.

I notice that when I do wink, it’s to encourage my daughter if I am watching her perform something.

But on social media, I use it all the time. Sometimes to mean “aren’t I just so clever?” Other times, “ain’t I a stinker?” And other times still, as “I’m just messing with you.” It’s a very useful emoji!

And I agree, rainbows are freaking awesome. One of the things which, when we shift from amber mythic thinking to orange rational thinking, actually becomes more mysterious, magical, and miraculous. Rainbows are as scientifically fascinating as they are aesthetically beautiful, are often used to signify a sort of abundant goodness.

And I love how they can be loaded with so many different kinds of meaning at every altitude — from Magenta leprechauns and Rainbow Serpents, to Amber miracles and divine covenants, to Orange optics and prisms and pixels, to Green struggles for justice and equality, to Teal theories of everything, to Turquoise enfoldment of heaven, earth, self, and nature.

Here’s my personal favorite rainbow pic. Me and my dog, Luna, taking a walk in our neighborhood :slight_smile:


How do incorporate the reality of current border security into the Great Replacement Theory gaslighting?


It’s intention. Conservatives ascribe such strange intentions to why liberals do things. To state that believing in immigration, as a country of immigrants, is actually a conspiracy of genocide on white people is strange and not real (The Hispanic vote increased dramatically for the right last election). This is why we can not work through things. My father BELIEVES democrats are demonic, being motivated by truly evil intentions. How does one work with people who are demonic, they dont.

This is the real issue I see in our world as a whole is we can’t look at the same issue, come to differing ideas without then describing the difference in ridiculous or strange terms. Can you really not think of any other reason one may support immigration other than white genocide through replacement?


So what exactly is the Left’s “intention” behind enabling and supporting unlimited, unvetted immigration?
Are the Left’s strategies, tactics, decisions fulfilling on their “intention”?


What is the left you are speaking to? How many people really support unlimited and unvetted immigration? I have a very good friend who is an immigration lawyer and works directly with the Biden administration on policy and I know she or her organization do not support this. You want to discuss this very extreme idea to stir fear and anger, which to your admission, is the intention of conservatives in order to win elections. It’s a game. If you want to play a game then play a game, but don’t try to have a conversation and play the game, it’s just silly.


WTH are you talking about? Conservatives and a vast swath of Liberals just want legal immigration following the laws we have passed. There is no ideological purity behind this, by Conservatives and Moderates, other than “stop the stupidity”. It’s the radical Left that makes up BS gaslighting nomenclature to spoon feed their numb minions.

Bummer now is Right exposes this within hours of the MSM and DNC campaign starting.

Your father is watching 30 sec montages on Fox pieced together from every MSM outlet, CNN MSNBC View Pelosi Schumer Biden et al, simultaneous launch of DNCs latest gaslight attack - GRT in this case. By the time you show up for Sunday dinner he’s already up to speed on the latest DNC/MSM attack strategy and rightly disgusted.
Left doesn’t get to run with this garbage for months or years like they used to. Theyre not the hip political smarty pants any more. Times have changed.

And Biden is still letting 6000 illegals across the border EVERY DAY. How large is the town you live in?
Mines 70,000 or roughly 2 weeks of the current administration’s illegal aliens. Think about it…

And then we are back to


In January 2019 the estimate of illegal immigrants was 11.48 million. In January 2022 it was 11.35. It went down in 2020 then rose back in 2021. Biden is not letting millions of illegal aliens into the US to take over the country. Maybe there needs to be less montages from Fox News


Yes, I can see how the L and R extremes oxygenate while simultaneously trying to suck the air out of one another. As of yet, the current Left hasn’t inspired as many disturbed gun-toting minds as the Right, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the day arrives that they try to even the score. Competitive times we live in, on our way to cooperation.


That’s interesting. So you’re saying that 2M illegal aliens DID NOT cross into and remain in the US last year?

But just know that by the time you sit down at Sunday dinner with your horrible father or any other “conservative”, they have already been briefed on GRT or Qanon or Insurrection or White Supremecist Nazi’s or Blood Libel or whatever the latest Leftist Gaslighting strategy is. We’ve all seen the next-shiny-brand-new-big-Existential-issue with coincidentally unified and synchronized languaging with clips of Cooper, Lemmon, Joy, Ellen, Rachel, Steltzer, DNC spokespeople and maybe a Cheney or Romney before you hit them with your latest “existential crisis” and how they screwed it all up and you’re here to fix everything.

IF we were to spend less time judging and condemning others, we might actually have a chance to hear what they are saying.

And then we can have civil discussions on what we want our world together to look like. Just a thought…


You anticipated my question: what does that wink mean to you? and do you go around winking in ‘real life’? Probably good that you don’t, unless you had a visible third eye, then that would be a cool wink.

I think of rainbows as also suggesting possibility. Besides the colors and the placement in the big old sky and the expansive space they take up and the combo of elements that creates them, they are an arc, which is one of my favorite shapes. The empty bottom (or top–as in a smile) of an arc, being in contrast to the arc itself, suggests “fill in the blank space,” potentiality, a no-boundaries zone to be filled with whatever one can conceive or imagine. Even a rainbow touching ground-to-ground as the one in your photo makes you wonder about the possible prospects below ground.

And that is a great photo, a great rainbow. It almost looks like a second bow was wanting to form about an inch above, particularly looks that way on the left side. And what of those two white birds perched on top, right of center? Ready to fly. Luna is raptly attentive, to something…wonder how dogs feel about rainbows? Probably just want to sniff or eat them.

Good integral vibe going there too, about rainbows, distinct from KW’s chakra take. It’s great that you, Ken, and Robb can all bring such distinct and different integral views on a same thing.
Thanks for sharing.


You have to be kidding me. You don’t see the radical right doing this as well? Seriously?

You just did it here, accusing the left of supporting “open borders”.

It seems to me you have some double standards here. Whenever we see extremism on the right — often from elected officials — you dismiss it as not being representative of the party as a whole. And yet you want to use every case of extremism on the left — usually from people who are not elected to office — to hang a noose around the left as a whole.

Can you point to any DNC politicians who are actively advocating for “open borders” or “unfettered immigration”? If not, are you gaslighting us right now?

“GRT or Qanon or Insurrection or White Supremecist Nazi’s or Blood Libel or whatever the latest Leftist Gaslighting strategy is.”

Wait, are you actually saying these things don’t exist? Are you still denying that Qanon existed? That January 6th happened? That Trump tried to get states to send “alternate electors” so he could overthrow the election results? That Blood Libel and Great Replacement Theory are not actual well-known, well-documented anti-semitic tropes?


This actually made me laugh out loud. In all seriousness, I wonder this often :slight_smile: One of my favorite Zone 5 exercises — “What is it to be x?”

We know that animals have a basic sense of aesthetics. We can see it in various courtship rituals across the animal kingdom. Particularly birds — it’s why the males always have to look so damn FABULOUS as they compete for sexual selection.

But can animals — particularly “higher” animals like dogs, horses, elephants, pigs, dolphins, whales, etc. — have an aesthetic perception of beauty for its own sake? Do they possess the self-reflexivity to look at a sunset or a rainbow, and just get absorbed in the majesty of it all?

Sometimes I go into my backyard when the sun is setting, and Luna is just sitting still in the grass, staring up at the sky. I can’t help but think she is having a genuine aesthetic experience when she is doing that :slight_smile: But I believe that dogs also live predominantly in a world of smell, not sight, so maybe that experience is more muted for them than it is for us, even if they have the capacity for that sort of perspective.

I also like to imagine what that must be like — to have a mind where your inner reconstruction of reality is scent-based rather than visual. That is a fascinating perspective to take. :dog:


What do you want the world to look like?


Oh yes, we totally underestimate animal intelligence, sense of aesthetics, feelings, everything. I have so many stories I should have written a few books. Talk about courtship rituals: I had a pair of lovebirds in the past who were in constant courtship, unspeakably sweet. One died mysteriously while I was out of town and had a house sitter. The other, Henri, grieved, I could tell, and was traumatized, I think, but was too old to take another mate. I did ‘therapy’ with him for 10 years, each day, unless I was gone, trying to retrain him to perch on my finger in the cage. One day, Miracle! he did. An hour later, he lay dead. I have had that experience with numerous of my cats and dogs. A last little “gift” of love and understanding before departing.

I also had a wolf-dog, named Beau, for obvious reasons. I was living in a small desert town where the houses were far apart. I would hike in the washes, and one day a stranger dog, Beau (whose name was Aykroyd at the time), came bounding to me and attached. I put the word out and eventually the owner came for him. But this happened like 5 or 6 times in the next week or two, the dog kept coming to my house, and literally would not leave my side. Finally, the owner in tears, said, he obviously wants a home with you, so if you want him, he’s yours. I did. Now what was that about, this dog’s attraction and attachment to me? I’ve always wondered.

I’ve also been saved, literally, in close-to-death situations, three times, by wild animals–deer, seals, dolphins. One of these situations was due to using my ‘tricks of the trade,’ but not the other two, at least not consciously. And I’ve watched my cats psychically communicate with one another about me! No one can convince me otherwise. Stories, stories, stories.

Maybe Luna was smelling the rain connected to the rainbow, you think? Isn’t the olfactory sense the most primal? I’ve read some studies in the past where repressed memories in humans were recovered through scent.


Here is an article that speaks to births to citizens and births to immigrants in the US, and also speaks to how hard and how long it takes for an immigrant to actually become eligible to vote.


Are you referring to this?

What does our DNC Majority government intend to accomplish on our southern border with their current administration of our laws?

What does our DNC Majority government intend to accomplish by eliminating voter ID requirements, signature verification, voter registration verification, as well as effectively Federalizing elections?

They all exist. Are you saying that you don’t fall into the Leftist modus operandi to create narratives which can then be used to strawman vast swaths of Americans?
It’s not very intellectually sound.


How do you feel about the current clear legal delineation between illegal aliens, tourists, work visa holder, green card holders, and Citizens?
What benefits, legal protections, rights should be extended to whom?


The law is the law and everyone is protected by the same law equally.
If this changes then we will have devolved and reversed the basis of the last 500 years of Western Civilization.
Real Americans believe rights to be Inalienable. Are you saying that the Declaration of Independence should be re-visited, was wrong-headed and in fact rights are not inalienable?

See that’s the problem with the spin today - people forget what beliefs the United States was founded on - and the right seems to be the worst culprits the past 10 years


Traffic laws yes. What’s your opinion on property, voting, extradition, travel in/out of the country, social security, Medicare, medicaid, holding elected office, etc .