Integral Critical Theory: The 8 Zones of Racism


What does our DNC Majority government intend to accomplish on our southern border with their current administration of our laws?

What does our DNC Majority government intend to accomplish by eliminating voter ID requirements, signature verification, voter registration verification, as well as effectively Federalizing elections

Voter ID laws came about during the Obama years as an effort to suppress poor black voters and young voters, two groups Obama was very good in motivating and two groups that have a lower rate of holding a valid ID. You know this and you know this is the INTENT behind the DNC’s issue with it. You know it’s not about allowing millions of illegal aliens into the country to secretly vote in states that now have voter id laws.

The question is why do people keep saying this when your rational mind knows a truth that could still have a rational disagreement or valid argument for voter ID laws, but instead spins into these conspiracy fantasies? I wonder about state experiences here. Trump is very good at inducing subtle body experiences. His rallies are like rock shows, they create a type of subtle body energy surge. Are subtle body states particularly non rational, dream like states where we are more suggestable?

The “conservative” Amber you refer to is that which upon everything we have available to us today is built.
In summary, what you refer to as “conservative Amber” is the Amber upon which our society has developed - you were raised by these people and went to the senior prom with them.

Here is the other question I have, about stages. The reality is America does not have an amber foundation it is built on an orange foundation. That is the whole point of America, to be free of imposed traditions, free to create your own. We are free of national ethnic identity and a “melting pot”. We are free of amber not defined by it. This seems to be the rising polarity, including leftist black CRT populations. With that population I see a rational reason for the ethnic amber attachment. I don’t get it with white people, the question is why is there such an amber attachment with conservatives?


An ID’s is required board an airplane, cross a border, drive a car, get their WIC payments, pay taxes, receive welfare, open a bank account, hold a job.

Is requiring an ID for each of these things an “Amber racist conspiracy to hold the Black man down”?

Not quite. Using the Professors arguments, the US Constitution and Founding Fathers were part of a small Orange minority in a Feudal world. We can abstract what we’ve got in the US with rainbow color coding, but that tends to abstract the amazing thing that happened in the US.

We can then take the previous low resolution abstraction (Amber, Orange Green) and claim yet another low resolution abstraction that Wokeism/CRT is the next predestined stage. It’s not quite so simple as a rainbow.

Implementation of a Feudalistic Woke/CRT Elite ruling class based upon Intersectionality rankings is dying. The DIE industrial complex is collapsing under it’s on corruption, just as are the old school Race Hucksters.

It’s not about Conservatives clutching to their Mythic Literal beliefs, guns and religion but all about the DIE and race grifters having exposed just how corrupt they really are. Sometimes it’s best to be a protestor instead of a actually attaining power. Complaining about something is much easier than making it run.

With all of these grotesque low resolution hyperbolic narrative attacks like Racism (overt, systemic, blah blah), Suppression (voter), GRT (LOL), Qanon, Insurrection, Deplorables, White Nationalists we’re just witnessing the final death throws of Neo/Trans/Race Marxist movement in the US and globally.

The fundamental intellectual conundrum is the going from assessment and mapping, to prediction and projection.


Is it possible that both things are happening simultaneously? We are witnessing of both the final death throws of “Racism (overt, systemic, blah blah), Suppression (voter), GRT (LOL), Qanon, Insurrection, Deplorables, White Nationalists” AND the final death throws of Neo/Trans/Race Marxist movement in the US and globally. If both could be owned they could both be more quickly and peacefully transcended!


Yes, very well said!


So what do you think is the piece of truth the Neo/Trans/Race Marxist movement needs to own about the Racism (overt, systemic, blah blah), Suppression (voter), GRT (LOL), Qanon, Insurrection, Deplorables, White Nationalists and what is the truth the Racism (overt, systemic, blah blah), Suppression (voter), GRT (LOL), Qanon, Insurrection, Deplorables, White Nationalists needs to own about the Neo/Trans/Race Marxist movement?


What do we need to do? To own?
Simple really. Just keep communicating.

  • Free speech - Public Commons - Open discourse
  • Negotiate through political dialogs
  • Vote
  • Pass policies/legislation
  • Administer policies and legislation
  • Live our lives

If you want to kick off the specifics of the “owning” exercise, have at it.


It’s not just my opinion, but the very basis of our society.
Property - everyone has the same rights to own property
Voting - every citizen has the right to vote
Holding Office - Every citizen can be elected to public office, except where specifically stated in the constitution.
Travel in/out of the country - Every citizen has the right to freedom of travel both in and out and also within the country.

The others are strange questions and not the same thing. You understand that Social security is a pension plan, right? You can’t get anything if you don’t put in, and the amount you get out is proportional to your contribution? Your question is like asking if we should make laws about who can open a Wallmart 401k at Charles Schwab. Of course, only people who work at Wallmart and who contribute.
Social Security also brings up an interesting point - the more people who get in early in life, the better it is for the plan as a whole, and the more people who are using it in old age, the worse for the plan. So yes, it would be beneficial to social security if we expanded it to other countries’ young people. That’s just how benefit plans work and why finance companies are able to rake in the bucks - they get trillions of dollars every year of young people who are gambling that they live to be 65 and get back what they put in.
Social security is not a “right”. It’s a pension plan and quite a bit different than the others.
Medicaid is the most successful government program we have, so again - expanding it would be beneficial.
But again - it’s not a “right” - it’s a plan.

Now, of course you are asking “what about noncitizens?” Should they have the same rights as citizens?
Well, no. They have the rights that their country grants them with their citizenship.
But again, since we have a large aging population it would be in the best economic interest of the Untied States to allow more people under the age of 30 to become citizens. It’s just simple economics. Baby boomers are no longer productive and if boomers want to keep their good times rolling, someone has to work - and they didn’t have enough babies themselves to make that work, so we have to import citizens if we want a robust economy. Further, the boomers did not train their children to have actual useful skills, so if we want a robust economy in sectors that will be viable going forward and not obsolete industries like coal, we need to import citizens who are better than what we currently have.

It’s really difficult now for companies to find workers who are qualified for anything. This is a failure of the Boomer generation - and I’ll point the finger at conservatives who defunded education for 50 years so that their children could learn Adam rode a dinosaur without feeling like an idiot, while the rest of the world was rewiring their economy for the 21st century.


Here’s an interesting spin on Racism - “Great Replacement Theory”.

The argument seems to be

  • White people are the real Americans
  • POC are not (no word if Native Americans are POC or not)
  • More POC will make America Less American
  • Some nefarious group is trying to increase the number of POC in the Untied States

What I find even more fascinating about this than anything else is when POC get onto this bandwagon. That’s just wild to me. Brown people who want a White America. Absolutely wild.


You’ve outlined the point I was making.

US Citizens have Rights as granted by the Constitution, Amendments, and Federal, State and Local governments.
One of the key rights is the right to vote. No one else has this opportunity, regardless of whether they pay taxes, are good people, or are marginalized people.
Likewise many benefits in the US are reserved for Citizens or Tax Payers or people here legally.

Would add that Citizenship as how we view it in Western culture seems to have been created by the ancient Greeks as they pulled themselves out of the ashes of the Mycanean collapse, specifically the Athenians. We’ve expanded to include women, natural born, etc…

Here’s a very comprehensive yet succinct discussion on Citizenship and the Left’s attack on it. Or as Leftists would say, “GRT”.


Yes, but don’t forget those “inalienable rights”, which the constitution does not have the right to neither grant nor take away. These inalienable rights are what our country was based on when the constitution wasn’t even in draft form yet.


Does he give an economic solution as an alternative to immigration?

  • Who is going to pay for the Boomer’s Social security when Gen Z just doesn’t see the value in working for $12 / hour?
  • How are we going to move an unskilled population out of a service economy and into a more robust technical, industrial or financial (anything except service) economy?

You see, this is the penultimate definition of whingers - when faced with a reality of their own creation, whinge and moan about the only possible solutions that make sense.

There is no economic alternative in the short term besides immigration. If you have one, then share it. Otherwise I just see it as denial of reality and trying to establish some kind of imaginary victim status.


Why do you think we don’t have borders? This is just where the conversation gets so strange to me. We have borders. We did not let 2 million people in last year.

" From the time President Biden took office last year through April, the government has admitted about a quarter of the undocumented migrants apprehended at the southwestern border, or about 700,000 out of 2.7 million, according to an analysis of federal data. The rest have been swiftly expelled under an emergency public health order related to the pandemic, or sent back under another legal authority"

It’s so hard to have a rational conversation when facts are so manipulated. You could still say that 700,000 are too much for a 16 month period but that is less than 1500 per day not 6000. Why exaggerate if not trying to manipulate?


Ok, so the number is 700,000 have been admitted into the US last year. Thanks for the clarification. I was wrong - you are right. I didn’t do my homework. Have you researched everything you’ve talked too?
You’re coming across a bit self-righteous, but none the less I do appreciate you doing the research.

I’m assuming 700,000 is an “ok” number for you.

Here are the “encounters” numbers month by month. Seems our DNC majority government does have a trend going on…


Automation, Optimization, Scale.


Good catch! Constitution and Amendments essentially limit the government’s overreach.


No, “GRT” has a clear definition, and it’s not “people who have some concerns about immigration”.

It’s the xenophobic claim that nefarious forces are literally trying to replace white voters with POC. It has nothing to do with illegal immigration, because illegal immigrants cannot vote. And it is absurd on its face — making someone a citizen does not “replace” voters. It is an anti-semitic trope with a very dark history, but a really effective propaganda tool to manipulate people based on their fear of the “other”.

As Ray’s source specifies, "61 percent of Trump supporters agree with the statement that “a group of people in this country are trying to replace native-born Americans with immigrants and people of color who share their political views.”

This is the direct result of propaganda. I hate to break the persecution complex, but no one is trying to “replace” you.

Now, I anticipate that your next response is that we should not take the people who responded to this poll literally. “They don’t actually think they are actually going to be replaced, they just have concerns about the left’s desire for open borders and unfettered immigration.” Which is just another piece of made up propaganda, of course.

Just like you defended GOP calling everyone on the left a ‘groomer’ — “They don’t actually think the left is grooming children for sexual contact, they just have concerns about kids learning about LGBT lifestyles because that will make them gay or trans.”

And just like you defended 23% of conservatives saying they believe there are “satan-worshipping pedophiles who run a global sex-trafficking operation” — you said, “They don’t actually understand those words, they fail to utilize recently derived multisyllabic academic vernacular, they are really just saying they are concerned about abortion and Mexican coyotes”.

Trump wanting to send fake electors to overthrow the 2020 election results? Your response was, “He was just exploring his options, like any good President should.”

Meanwhile, you insist that every stereotype and caricature you throw at the left is 100% valid — that they want “open borders”, that they are Marxist Collectivist Stalin worshippers, that they want to chop babies into little parts the day before they would have been born. You want to throw every ugly stereotype you can at the left, while claiming “plausible deniability” for every reprehensible comment and behavior from the right.

I mean, you are still complaining about Hillary using the word “deplorables”, while your own insults about the left (and oftentimes, us personally) in threads like these go way beyond.

So I’ll ask again — if you can’t find any DNC representatives or policies advocating for “open borders”, and if you are exaggerating immigration rates in order to get your point across, aren’t you in fact gaslighting us?

Or are you just saying that the right should be allowed to use plainly hyperbolic and emotionally polarizing language in their messaging, accusing their political opponents of satanism, pedophilia, grooming children, open borders, etc. — but if the Left dares to mention Qanon, capitol insurrections, or racist/xenophobic tropes being repeated by right wing media, that’s just more phony Marxist propaganda?


Three words mean absolutely nothing.
That’s not a plan - it’s just three words.
How does automation give Trump Republicans the jobs they want the government to give them?

You just threw out some words without actually thinking about what the problem is.

How is automation, optimization and scale going to balance the social security equation?


That looks like a spike coinciding with the pandemic. There was also a spike during Trump. I have no idea how much immigration is healthy I just think falsely making this about trying to replace citizenship is strange. We are a country of immigrants. Immigration is foundational to citizenship.


I’ll also add it’s completely bizarre when a person of Native American descent is on the “White American culture is under attack if there are more POC.” bandwagon.

@FermentedAgave if you like White America, that’s great - I’m glad there’s no hard feelings.

Kind of reminds me of this though:


How would we know who’s a Citizen and who isn’t, if we don’t check their Identity?

Is it absurd to think that non-valid voters might vote if there is no verification? Or is that a tin-foil hat question?

I love your Integral Jujitusu. Invalidate, Associate, Deflect, Disassociate.

Biden has let 700,000 illegal immigrates into the US. What it it’s simply wanting assurance that our laws on the books are being enforced?
And if the majority party wants to change our immigration laws, then get busy and change the laws.

Reality is many, and it’s looking like a majority, of Americans don’t think it appropriate for government employees to acculturate there very young children on sex and gender. Parents grant schools limited control over their children. There is no teacher “free speech” in the class room.

Our government is just waiting for you and the Far Left to simply PASS THE LAWS and then you can have Gender Fluid teachers train our children to suffer from gender dysphoria. It’ll be GREAT for business, right?

@corey-devos By the way, I’m really impressed with the research you’ve done on me.