Integral framework and its relationship to the mind of the MBTI INTJ personality type

I recently found the integral framework, this is everything that i’ve been staring at my entire life all put into symbols. This appears from my point of view as if ken wilber mapped out his own mind. Organized all the patterns. Transrational thinking appears to be the natural product of Ni (introverted thinking).

This is what an INTJ has been deeply yearning for from birth. lol. Spirituality structured from stage yellow+ and not from stage amber/green. This is the most important and most useful body of work i have been exposed to.

It seems clear to me that there is a strong relationship between the Integral framework and the INTJ/INFJ personality types.

What do you guys think of this relationship and the other ideas above related to MBTI? How was your first experience discovering the integral framework?


Hey, your test seem to have gone well.

Could you please explain what all this big letter shortenings mean?

This is MBTI, stands for Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, a popular personality type system, a test can be taken here for fun :smiley: Tell me what you get!

Seems this topic requires relatively in depth familiarity with this system. Unfortunate. It covers the function stack.

It is mentioned briefly on a few integralife pages like this one, it is linked to the Types of the integral framework.

“Horizontal styles available to any developmental level within the quadrants. Examples of types include Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, masculine and feminine in the Upper Left; body types in the Upper Right; cultural types in the Lower Left; and types of biomes in the Lower Right.”

So it seems this personality type system (Myers-Briggs) is related to thee Upper Left Quadrant levels of development.

An additional tool for understanding oneself and others.

Thanks for the explanation. This is a typology I am not familiar with, while with Enneagram and the big 5 I am.
I did the test and they say I am an entrepreneur. well, they seem to know more than myself because I definitely do not feel like an entrepreneur and have never tried to be one. Funny.

It is very possible you where mistyped, but reading the description of the ESTP (Entrepreneur) type, does it sound like it matches?

Also might make sense to review the other types to find the one that best describes you (roughly).

From what i can see the ESTP type tends to dislike abstract thinking and favor more physical and practical lines of development.

What are your Enneagram and Big 5 results? Maybe they can be mapped over, common patterns in both systems.

Would be interesting to talk with you about this as you seem to be an expert. Reading the descriptions: some seem to fit, some others don’t feel like fitting, at least from my own perspective. Maybe it is different when people see me from the outside.

What about a zoom meeting?

In the meantime: I am an Enneatype 4, subtype selfpresevation in Claudio Naranjo’s teaching.

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lol definitely not an expert, i just spend all my time learning. Ok the description is not the best reflection of a type, its the function stack that matters. Best option if you enjoy this kind of stuff is to learn about, watch videos. Its fun :D. Also intuitively from my own experience and understanding of the ESTP personality type, i dont see them being part of the integral life community, but anything is possible… It seems enneagram 4 is most correlated with the INFP, ISFP also potentially can be INFJ, INTJ, INTP or ENFP.

hmm well im enneagram 5, definitely not the type to willingly perform the act of verbal communication. (some percentage of this is a joke)

Yes I am an INTJ, and in moments of confusion, neuroticism and frustration, I fall back on the Integral model and it seems to help realign the chaos in my head somewhat.

As an INFJ, I can completely relate to what you’re saying. I find integral theory to be the perfect framework for me. A developmental/philosophical system that includes everything with a teleology towards oneness. It offers me relief.