Integral friendly Marianne Williamson running for 2020 President: What do we know, think?


I don’t know what to think yet, have been out of touch with her work, but listening to her interview on CNN, I heard more intelligence, forthrightness, depth, and moral nuance in 8 minutes than most political candidates provide in a year (if ever, usually not ever). She is running on the “need for a moral and spiritual awakening” in the U.S. and whether she gets very far or not, she certainly brings a very different and much needed voice and vision to the table, integral-friendly and inspirational. She also of course has policy positions, one of which is providing slavery reparations for African-Americans, similar to what was given to the Japanese who were placed in internment camps in this country.

Her announcement for President (43 minutes) is at Many comments after both the CNN interview and the announcement, probably 98% of which were glowingly positive, from both males and females, people both familiar with her and her work, and those not. Negatives were that she talks too fast and is probably too intelligent and moral to be accepted by the typical voter; sad, and maybe true, but I personally don’t want to buy into that.

I’ll be watching, but I’m curious as to how others view her, her political history, this run.


Hi @LaWanna
I hear Marianne Williamson’s name regularly in my Interfaith circles. I however am not familiar with her work. Thanks for the heads up in respect of her run for presidency. I watched the CNN interview and was blown away by her articulation of all the issues facing the US and foreign policy. She is definitely integral. We integrals need to get behind her campaign and do everything possible to get her into the Whitehouse. She is incredibly intelligent, conscious and spiritual. There have been discussions here about how to promote Integral. What if the US President was integral? @corey-devos can we send a message to Marianne pledging our support? Can we work with Marianne and resource her with integral knowledge to even further her grasp of complex world issues? Talk about a tipping point. I’m excited about this possibility. Thanks again Lawanna for the post. Wow wow wow. #infinitelove


I am a little more familiar with her work. She basically comes from the “Course in Miracles” community. She basically stays true to the underlying themes, but adds to that perspectives based on “Universal Spiritual Principles”. None of this conflicts with Integral. And I have heard her use that word more than once in her talks (Which she has been doing since the 80s. I would not be surprised if she has read some of Kens work. It would be awesome for her to appear in a talk at Integral Life or have her talk with/about her thoughts on Ken’s work; or vice versa.


I did a little more recall of what I knew of Marianne Williamson and also visited her website ( where there is a link that takes you to her 2020 presidential run, which I also surveyed. Her positions on most current issues and then some (racial reconciliation measures with blacks and Native Americans; child poverty, for instance) are there, along with her background, which includes growing up in a family of social activists (her father was an immigration lawyer), then “chancing” into a career through her talks on “A Course in Miracles” (which tristin69 above mentioned).

With the publication of her 1997 book “Healing the Soul of America,” she began to turn her attention to community service and social/political activism. She has worked in the areas of poverty, HIV/AIDS support, feeding the ill (Project Angel Food), peace, (including founding the non-profit Peace Alliance to promote methods of governments doing peace-building work as prelude and alternative to “perpetual war,”). She also supports programs to encourage greater social/political activism of the citizenry, including producing the Sister Giant conferences since 2010 to encourage women in politics.

In 2014, she ran in a “jungle primary” in California’s 33rd congressional district (L.A. area) for a seat in Congress; she came in 4th out of 16 contenders. She was endorsed by numerous Californian and national politicians and others; piece of trivia: Alanis Morissette wrote and performed the campaign song. Another piece of trivia (or perhaps not): she is Oprah Winfrey’s spiritual advisor.

She endorsed and campaigned for Bernie Sanders in 2016, is of course running as a progressive Democrat. Her orientation to politics seems to be a healing one; she has stated instances where seasoned politicians often can’t effect necessary change, but she feels that a “sacred ceremonialist” or psychotherapist could. She views the Course in Miracles as “spiritual psychotherapy.”

She has written 12 books, four of them #1 on the NY Times best-sellers list.

So there’s a thumb-nail sketch, lots more at her website and all over the web. I’m pretty sure she’s connected with certain leaders in the integral community.