Integral greetings from Australia

Hello Integrals. I’ve had a break from here for a while but thought I’d pop back in and see how everyone is going.
I’m going great and looking forward to a bit of a break this summer holidays in Australia.
I hope everyone is well and still keen onIntegral. The small Sydney integral group is still meeting however due to commitments I only managed to attend one gathering this year.
My big commitment is to a small interfaith meeting monthly where we have discussed Integral. Were looking forward to the Grace and Grit movie. Some of my friends have read the book.
Well I wish everyone happy Christmas, Hannukah, Solstice, Integral New Year. I’ll check in soon if there are any replies. #infinitelove

Oops I can’t repost the above message which was a reply on another thread, twice. So I have to add something now to allow me to post it as a new thread. So let me pose a little question. In the last 4 months, what integral learnings have you acquired?


Hey hearteveryonePeter, just wanted to say Happy Summer Solstice to you, and thank you for your greetings. I noticed your absence too (not just your return); hope all has been well.

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