Integral Institutions in the United Kingdom

Hi there,

I’ve been studying Integral theory & working on the AQAL map for the last few years but have only recently joined the Integral life community. I discovered Ken’s work after an extensive journey to make sense of a series of paradigm shattering satori experiences in 2015.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with integral for being a part of something so credible & incredible! Anyway… to the point! Recently, whilst looking for institutions in the UK related to integral, I stumbled across the following info…

Roy Widgery , Anglia Polytechnic University, runs a counselling degree course which uses Wilber as the theoretical base and has an open module, a George Leonards’s ITP,

The e-mail address appears to no longer be in use & there seems to be very little information regarding any institutions in the UK which adopt an integral approach. Does anybody know of any? I’m deeply interested in an integral psychology/ sociology related degree or career but struggle to find anything expansive & inclusive enough within the current corpus of modern academia (that I’ve been able to find so far).

I feel that an orthodox psychology degree would be too fragmented, partial & perhaps a waste of potential after extensive incorporation of the spiral, being able to cycle through states at will & witnessing the emergence of certain “Siddhis”.

I’d love to be part of the development of an integral education system here in the UK or wherever in the world because whilst I appreciate that not everyone is necessarily ready for integral consiousness, everyone in this community understands the beneficial implications to a varying extent.

Looking forward to being part of & contributing to the community here. Many thanks!

Hi buddy,

Being heavily interested in KW and integral myself and being Scottish, I look around and ask the same questions about the UK system. I must say I also feel pretty isolated. I’ve never met anyone that has read Wilber and I’m on the hunt for such people.
Have you continued to stoke your interest and act on it?


Hi there lone UK integrals,
This is a slow moving thread!
Ive definitely read Wilber and gone a lot further. Background of community development, social science, and Buddhism over 40 years...Ive turned all this into a book about integral Britain: The Britain Potential: a Politics Inspired by a New Stage of Human Consciousness ( It is showing two sides to the country. At every level we find stifling-potential-Britain AND realising-potential-Britain. The book delves into these two sides of the country as individuals, families, communities, organisations, and our politics. Chapter 2 exposes the innards of market thinking and its stifling consequences. Chapter 7 moves from industrial revolution Britain, to welfare state Britain to Market thinking Britain and leads into the ode to joy chapter 9, 50 examples of initiatiives that are far most humanistic and are way beyond market thinking. In other words they are enacting something resembling teal in many cases or the next stage in human consciousness. I show how a civil society centred Britain is not far fetched. Since publishing I`ve found 130 more initiatives going in the teal direction.

I`m also hon research fellow with Roehampton University social science dept and on April 1st will be presenting my research through two questions which I have found illuminate this contestation, between stifling and realising potential, and which I would like to explore interactively: 1. Is there a next stage of human consciousness? 2 What does the logic of state, business, and civil society relationships suggest?

Any UK integrals feel free to get in touch US integrals can get The Britain Potential via Barnes and Noble…a rare book coming from integral thinking/life
V best
Jim Cowan