Integral Institutions in the United Kingdom


Hi there,

I’ve been studying Integral theory & working on the AQAL map for the last few years but have only recently joined the Integral life community. I discovered Ken’s work after an extensive journey to make sense of a series of paradigm shattering satori experiences in 2015.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with integral for being a part of something so credible & incredible! Anyway… to the point! Recently, whilst looking for institutions in the UK related to integral, I stumbled across the following info…

Roy Widgery , Anglia Polytechnic University, runs a counselling degree course which uses Wilber as the theoretical base and has an open module, a George Leonards’s ITP,

The e-mail address appears to no longer be in use & there seems to be very little information regarding any institutions in the UK which adopt an integral approach. Does anybody know of any? I’m deeply interested in an integral psychology/ sociology related degree or career but struggle to find anything expansive & inclusive enough within the current corpus of modern academia (that I’ve been able to find so far).

I feel that an orthodox psychology degree would be too fragmented, partial & perhaps a waste of potential after extensive incorporation of the spiral, being able to cycle through states at will & witnessing the emergence of certain “Siddhis”.

I’d love to be part of the development of an integral education system here in the UK or wherever in the world because whilst I appreciate that not everyone is necessarily ready for integral consiousness, everyone in this community understands the beneficial implications to a varying extent.

Looking forward to being part of & contributing to the community here. Many thanks!