Integral Justice Warrior: Compassionate Conversations


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Integral Justice Warrior is a new show with Diane Musho Hamilton and Corey deVos, where every month we will take a close look at some of the most challenging issues and cultural fault lines of our time — as well as the communication skills we need in order to heal these shared wounds and begin to close the gaps between us.


Grace and peace!
Enjoyed listening to you! I am deeply into reading my way through some of Ken’s work currently, so hearing what I am reading about discussed on a “real world” level intelligently is very helpful. I am looking forward to the next episode!
Pace E Bene. Namaste.


Thank you Corey and Diane for this conversation. Timely as ever. Here in the UK I have been listening to Integral podcasts for years, like Michael (1) on the show – since the beginning of Integral Naked. They have provided oxygen to the mind, heart and the cells of the body. I am finally coming to the place where I can express, to a certain extent, the content of the imaginal interiors and enact them in the real world – here now in Sheffield, UK where I live.


Thank you Corey & Diane! Really enjoyed the conversations and your perspectives and insights and was pleasantly surprised that most of the callers and questions were synchronized with issues I’m grappling with. Love it when the universe talks back at me like that! I took away things that are rippling through me right now! Look forward as always to more!! :heart::pray: