Integral Life App

Is there an Integral Life App planned for the future? It would make listening and watching your various programming and courses so much easier

I agree, it totally would. I am having a hard enough time getting a password-protected podcast set up for you guys. Unfortunately, the resources required to create such an app from the ground up are a bit out of our reach at the moment, but hopefully we will get there.

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I know some people that have had great success including Vinings Lake Church with

Very reasonable, there new app makes it so much easier to view and listen to Content, especially on the go. What is the status of Core Integral, wanting to test out of Advanced Integral?

Yeah I’ve seen platforms like this. As far as I know, the complexity comes with having premium protected members-only content. The app would need to be able to sync with our CMS in order to authenticate supporting members and password-protect our content. So it gets a bit complicated. But I will continue looking out for possible solutions!

As for Core Integral, that is not a course that is managed by Integral Life, so unfortunately I have no answers for you :frowning:

Do you know who I would contact?