Integral Life Practice Starter Kit 2.0?

Hey everyone.

Will there be an Integral Life Practice Starter Kit 2.0? On the first Starter Kit, 2.0 was said to be released in 2016.

Thanks :slight_smile:

There’s a book by Ken - “Integral Life Practice”

We kinda sorta do have a Starter Kit 2.0 — not as a physical product, but rather as a series of live daily practices, as well as a growing collection of stand-alone practices. See the following pages:

Live ILP calendar:

Standalone ILP practices:

How to design your practice:

I hope this helps!


Hi Corey, will there be any physical exercise modules in upcoming ILP sessions? I love the 3-body workout and want to explore Integral Kata to the full.

Thank you! What can be done if there are scheduling conflicts due to timezone differences?