Integral Life Support Group


I was wondering if there is anything like an “Integral Life Support Group” that occurs over zoom. I was thinking of a weekly or twice monthly zoom call where participants can discuss life issues and receive support in living a more integral life. If such a thing exists, I would appreciate it if someone could direct me towards it. If not, I would be interested in starting such a call. Any input would be helpful.


i 2nd that, where should evolving minds and bodies go to for support and mentorship in this huge ever expending discipline, people need help, i’ve been looking this up in the downtown internet world, nowhere to be found. Can someone from the Integral tower top floor address this for us in the mailbox department.


List me the questions or doubts, please. I can think of answers.


Hey @satorisong, one thing we do have is our ongoing shows, most of which offer a space for our audience to call in and ask questions, make comments, get advice, etc. It sounds like the monthly show with Dr. Keith might be up your alley, you should check it out if you haven’t already. We also get some really great questions in our Integral Justice Warrior shows with Diane Hamilton, something else to consider. These shows tend to be themed, but the questions we receive are often from all over the map, and both Keith and Diane do a really wonderful job responding. We also make space for audience questions in my monthly Inhabit show with Ryan Oelke, which might be another really great resource for you. Anyway, just wanted to make sure you were aware of the opportunities for interaction that are already available. I’m also happy to discuss any other ideas you might have!


Hi Corey, Thanks for the thoughtful response. I’ve enjoyed some of the recordings I’ve seen of these shows, and I got a lot out of one of your recent podcasts with Ryan and Keith. What I’m itching for is something more along the lines of what I’ve experienced in men’s groups and 12 step programs. I’m primarily interested in connecting with others, maybe in groups of 5-10 people over zoom, to explore the ways in which we are (or are not) embodying integral theory in our lives. What I’d like is something that could occur on a semi regular basis, and in the same way 12 step programs help people with recovery, these meetings could support people with integral living. I’m reminded of how the Integral Transformative Practice as outlined by Michael Murphy and George Leonard in “The Life We Are Given” involved a regular meeting of program participants. Maybe people reading this have short term goals they’d like to achieve or dreams they’d like to bring into fruition but are currently lacking encouragement, accountability, and support. I’m happy to help bring something like this into existence if it isn’t already around. If anybody is interested let me know and we can hop on a video call. Would love to hear your thoughts on this @corey-devos.


Hi! You (and anyone else here) are welcome to join our Integral Discord group where we have channels dedicated to personal practice and also organize Zoom calls and spontaneous voice chats:


Joined, see you there


Did you hear that? That was the sound of my itch being scratched.


Joined, see you there


Hello all, including @corey-devos! For years I too longed for an “Integral support group” exactly like the one @satorisong has described at the start of this thread. The programs that Corey describes are wonderful too, and essential, but they don’t quite scratch my itch to just hang out with Integral buddies.

And the ongoing discussion on Discord that @HawaiianRyan mentioned, though also magnificent in its way, didn’t scratch that itch for me either. So…

I would be willing to facilitate the creation of one or more “support groups” under the umbrella of this Integral Life Forum. Are any of you on this thread interested? @Nitin_Bhardwaj? @casper? Anyone else?

Corey, would you be willing to work with us to find a way in which we could, say, hang out with each other virtually every week or every other week on zoom yet not completely leave the orbit of this forum?

For the record, I am already involved in one small weekly zoom chat with a two others whom I met through this forum. We call it a “Campfire” meeting, but in effect it functions like @satorisong’s proposed support group.

The thing is, none of us spend much time on this forum anymore, now that we can hang with each other regularly.

While I would be willing to invest the time and mojo to help create more such groups, and get them up and running, I also see a value in keeping any such groups in an ongoing relation with this forum. Corey, are you interested in exploring how this forum might provide a platform for any future Integral support groups / Campfire meetings, so that when such groups do form, we don’t end up migrating away from this forum?

And thank you @HawaiianRyan, for drawing my attention to this thread.


Hi, @ksv, please PM me some details.