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Integral Live is broadcasting LIVE. Come play!

the kensho or the Ken Show :sunny:

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This is one of my most favorite live with Ken. Not just here but in the more than ten years being in live audience with Ken or in a live venue as this. I’m still processing but the warm, intimate way he and Corey went deep into the experience of Integral…beneath the intellectual knowledge. Although this highly intellectual altitude present the real life challenges, understanding of each level and diving into the experience of these culture tug of war like fires …again the conversation raw, intimate and the interaction between Corey and Ken like a father and son at times. Two and half hours flew in the
field of such elevated and illuminated conversation…I bow in humble gratitude and love for you both.

Mary Linda Landauer

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I missed the first half-hour of The Ken Show, but the rest of it was of course wonderful. While I haven’t fully digested all I intend to, what has stayed with me for the past three hours since tuning in, which had hardly anything to do with the major content of the show, is that the universe is made up of about 94% dark matter. Surely I’ve heard that before, but if so, it has never struck me with such profundity as it did today. We truly live inside a great Mystery; It makes me feel very small and insignificant, in a good way, and it makes me even more appreciative of humanity’s endeavors to unravel the Unknown. Those sleepless nights when I go outdoors in the wee hours to gaze at the stars will have an added dimension to them, I’m sure.

It also made me think of Elon Musk, who I recently saw interviewed on the Joe Rogan Experience. He was much more compelling and elegant than the quick snapshots I’ve seen of him. When he spoke about his ‘dream’ of a multi-planet species, of a human-loving consciousness across planets, he seemed wistful and sincere, and I somehow related to that. (As a side note, I don’t think Rogan was able to draw out fully what I sensed as a more-than-expected bit of social and environmental consciousness in Musk; too bad.)

Anyway, I’m certainly not portraying “integral thinking” in this post, and this post has nothing to do with the discussion around generations on today’s Ken Show, but I do have a new perspective on the universe, and that should count for something…

Another count towards your awesomeness! :grin: However small and insignificant we are, I have found profound appreciation for our efforts towards understanding the universe, ourselves, and one another.

Edit: Discussion reflection removed because the video doesn’t work and it seems a bit pointless to reflect and try to start a conversation on a video discussion that isn’t available. Oh well! It was still an enlightening discussion. :slight_smile:

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