Integral Media Database (IMD)

It may be enjoyable and helpful to build a crowdsourced online database where members of the integral community could discuss and label media of all sorts (e.g. movies, music, books, video games, etc.). Each user could select from a set of standard labels to apply to each piece of media and a community process could be used to add new labels. The average label applied to a piece of media could also be shown in a way that is similar to the aggregate score provided for movie reviews by rotten tomatoes.

Not only would this system create a platform for interesting discussions, it may help users practice how to take on any of the perspectives described by Integral by giving them a guide for finding media that is especially representative of types, lines, stages, quadrants, and states.

Perhaps once the database has been filled with a reasonable amount of labels, one could select their favorite items from a set of lists and the system could estimate types, state, and stage that reflect your primary self conception and perspective. It would be amazing if it was discovered that the results a system like this returns were highly correlated with more formal psychological testing.

This system could be a huge training and recruiting tool, which justifies spending the time and money to build it.