Integral Media Outreach?

I have been into Integral and reading Ken’s work since 2006, but this is my first post.

While it is great that Integral Life produces content for our community, I have always wondered does Integral Life actively pursue media outreach into the broader community?

In a YouTube video Ken mentions in passing that he declined an opportunity to be on Oprah, which is of course his prerogative, but has there been any thought given to developing people who would be interested in putting forward the integral perspective in the media?

For example, a booking on the Joe Rogan Experience would introduce Integral to millions of people, as would engaging public intellectuals like Jordan Peterson in thoughtful discussions and making them available on YouTube.

I fear that the Integral community is only talking to itself and is missing out on the opportunity to engage a broader audience.

I would be curious to hear others’ perspectives?


It is really a shame that integral people don’t seem to be too much skilled in introducing themselves to the world in an inspiring way. Despite the efforts of Integral Life and others for many years, it is still hidden and mysterious to most people.
We would need someone really able and inspiring to go out into the world and attract listeners/watchers. Joe Rogan would be perfect - but who will go there and not get lost totally in Theory talk? We would need a talent like Jordan Peterson to get the message out.

In the meantime, many of us try to do their own little effort which sometimes feels like a drop in the ocean disappearing right away. Difficult to keep up motivation to continue. I am doing The Wisdom Factory and never know if to continue or give up - not being the super inspiring speaker myself.

Scott, I have a weekly podcast called Future Sense that’s focused on the evolution of human values and global paradigm shifts, providing deep analysis of current affairs and personal experiences through the application of Integral Theory and Dr Clare W Graves’ ECLET (aka Spiral Dynamics). You can subscribe at

I also speak at conferences and you’ll find video of my talks at

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