Integral Monasteries, Ashrams, and Spiritual Leaders?

I’m personally very inspired by what I’m seeing from spiritual leaders like Sadhguru with the Isha Foundation in India. Given that, at least in the United States, we don’t have a deep culture of spiritual history and development that’s embedded in this country, I would love to get some Integral perspectives of what can be done to help establish a non-dogmatic, non-belief based, seeking oriented approach here in the West. I feel like in the West we don’t have the ability to establish a deep, profound spiritual infrastructure for future generations because we’re so seeped in a culture of consumerism and are too entrenched in naive realism. Personally I’m very fascinated and really in awe of when I see Eastern Temples that are derived from the Agama Shastras that serve as energy centers and so forth.

Can there be an Integral application that combines deep spiritual sciences from all traditions, deep spiritual practice + philosophy, psychology, etc. here in the West?


I would check this out for a refreshing example of what we might describe as an integral oriented monastery… :slight_smile:

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