Integral rap video (slideshow images)

Hey folks,

I just thought i’d share a “music video” of an Integral rap song that I made last year. I apologize for my primitive recording equipment (iPhone 7!) so the sound is a little spotty throughout. I’d love to hear any feedback or comments :smile:

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!


Some creative work there, Hawaiian Ryan! Are you planning to do more with this? Because of its complexity, I see it as sort of a “carrot” in terms of eliciting interest in integralism for those in the dark; lyrically and graphically, it covers most of the bases which is satisfying for we integralists and we love it, but for people unaware, it might cover too much (don’t know what your intent exactly with this is/was). The lyrics and rhymes are great, interesting graphics, and your enthusiasm for the subject matter is apparent, and that’s a big plus. I found myself wanting to hear some deeper bass sounds, drums or deep gongs, in order to ground and settle the energies a little bit.

I think you could take almost any line from it and make another simpler rap song/video that would be truly educational (and fun); a line like “everybody has a piece of the truth” and focus just on stages, for instance. Then another line for states, etc. etc. (Looks like I’ve got your future all planned out for you… but who knows, refine the sound/rhythm and keep at it, and Ryan’s Raps could be a very useful tool for introducing integralism to select groups.) Thanks for sharing it here; I enjoyed it!


Thanks for the feedback, LaWanna! You make some great points – I wrote the song when I was high on caffeine and didn’t think much about the audience or how it could be used to inform people on Integral basics. I love your suggestions – I was thinking of making simpler and more specific rap videos in the future. As for recording quality, that may have to wait, as I not only lack the financial resources for better recording but also have zero knowledge of these technical matters. We shall see what comes of it… and thanks for planning out my future! :smiley:

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Dude, you rocked that! I’m really blown away and totally impressed! Thank you for doing this! I am new to Integral, so this is genuinely helpful for me in understanding its vocabulary and language!

From a music production point of you, I’m sure you will understand when I say that this is not anywhere near professional quality. Keep practicing, though, and you will get better!

I can’t help wondering how this would go over if it were done by a skilled rapper. The text of the rap and the video are quite brilliant!

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