Integral Relationships

I saw Dr. Keith’s post on his new book. I just suggested that it get purchased at our local library. I read a few of the posts on the thread. I also recently got Integral Relationships by Ucik but have only had the time to scan it.
I wanted to get info from others on if they are integrally informed and maybe their partner is not at the same level how that affects the relationship.
Speaking of my own marriage, I have focused a lot of attention on my spiritual line for over 20 years whereas my life I think it’s not as much a priority.
There are other small conflicts/frictions that I tend to think exist because of our different perspectives. I always tend to think if everyone was integrally informed this sh*t would just go away, but here we are so now deal with it from an integral perspective. Others have a similar experience?

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Hi, I don’t think the sh*** will go away, but we become more aware of it and able to deal with it instead of being its victim.


PS: I have done several shows with Martin Ucik, he also was my co-host in several broadcasts. Here a conversation of last year with Dr. Tom Habib, an integral couples’ Therapist who would be interesting to follow for you, too. I have done at least 5 shows with him in the past 3 years. You find them all on the website.

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Thanks Heidi. I’ll check it out!