Integral solution to the culture war. Read it NOW!

Hi guys, I’m going to write down right here the solution that I have found to the culture war, after YEARS of research and hard dedicated work on this topic.

Beware as you read it, for Nietzsche said “I only like what’s been written with blood”, and this I wrote with my own blood. In fact, it took a Kosmic War…

Now that you’ve been warned, let’s get started.

The Integral Nightmare, all the way through :

Rational level has less span than pre-rational levels.

Post-rational level, not aware yet of depth, confuses this greater span with greater importance, and thus supports the pre-rational levels more than the rational level (Even if it pretends being equalistic, it’s not. The only problem is it isn’t aware of what is the real hierarchy of values, for it isn’t aware of depth, only span. And the pre-rational levels have more span than the rational level, therefore the post-rational level supports the pre-rational levels more than the rational level).

Here comes the nightmare for the rational level : The post-rational level is higher than the rational level. Therefore, it has more Kosmic relevance. And thus it overpowers the rational level. Thus, as the post-rational level starts supporting the pre-rational levels more than the rational level (Merely a nightmarish mistake, this is where the blood comes from), the rational level gets completely overpowered from both sides : From downside and upside, from the pre-rational levels and the post-rational level.

Therefore the rational level finds itself cornered. It can only surrender to them both. However, the Truth starts showing its teeth, witnessing this absurdity. The truth isn’t happy with that, and cries silent tears of blood as it is being torn apart by this overwhelming absurdity.

And here comes the integral level, aware of all of them. Witnessing them silently, and silently taking notes of all that’s happening, until the great moment of revelation of this absurdity. For the post-rational level craves to support its predecessor junior levels. And so any level does. But it cannot understand why it’s not working. For it is NOT working.

Finally, the integral level shines its truth : The rational level has less span than the pre-rational levels, but it has more depth. And now that this truth has been revealed, the post-rational level starts supporting the rational level more than the pre-rational levels. Therefore, the rational level is newly and RIGHTLY empowered to shine its truth on the pre-rational levels, and so every level does, from the integral to the post-rational to the rational to the pre-rational.

Here the war ends, and everyone gets its due.

The Keystone of the culture war is the rational level. The mission of the integral level in this war is to re-empower the rational level, for it is the one being cornered in this Kosmic Absurdity.

Only then will all levels be in peace

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Starting from 2nd tier of consciousness, wins are always Win-Win. For integral they are.

And starting from 3rd tier of consciousness, seeing something equals doing something about it :wink: For states of consciousness start to unify with structures. So witnessing starts acting in the structures in a unified way.

Therefore anyone at the 3rd Tier of consciousness witnessing what I’ve wrote, will be contributing by the mere fact of having witnessed it. And knowing that at these levels, wins are always Win-Win, this can only improve the situation for everyone

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Bravo, I agree and used different terminology to say it in some occasion and nobody related to what I said. Robert Kegan said the same in the European Conference (I watched online) but I don’t think he received much traction despite his clout.

I am horrified to witness the breakdown of the institutions Rational created. Democracy–who believed January 6th could happen, that people will dismiss courts decisions and still believe the elections were stolen, that will support a potential president facing so many charges.

Free speech? Some Green or post rational speakers express very narrow analyses and I wonder what happened to multiple perspectives. And the list goes on and on. I heard it also in an integral meeting and was shocked.

I agree that we need to support the Rational. Rational people negotiate and compromise, pre and post-rational tend to fight and our congress is a good example. It became a power game not a problem solving institution. The question is why.

Can you explain what you mean by depth? The concept that came to my mind is internalization.
All our children learned in school about democracy. If it’s really dear to their heart how can they support January 6th. Many colleges are infused with post rational narratives. Students must mouth them to fit in. But taking multiple perspective is difficult task intellectually and emotionally. Same is true for realizing that truth is relative. That’s why, I think, many who consider themselves post-rational are not. I am not sure that they will support the rational as you suggested.

Unfortunately I don’t see a solution, but would like to continue the conversation.

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