"Integral Studies and Integral Practices for Humanity and Nature": A paper published in the journal Philosophies

Dear all,

I am writing to share with you that I have published the paper titled “#Integral_Studies and #Integral_Practices for #Humanity and #Nature”. I would be most grateful if you could take a look at it.

Right after the publication I received a pleasant message from the author of the following paper, but I am not satisfied with the content of the paper. I felt that it was not right to publish such an embarrassing article, but I decided to publish it as one of the milestones in my quest. It is still not enough, and I will continue to work hard on it.

Thank you for your continuous support.


Thanks for sharing Akiyama-san.
Will review your publication.
On a tangential note, would you see any parallels in the Godzilla myths and need for humanity to get aligned with nature with our current Climate Change existential threat?

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My paper titled “Integral Studies and Integral Practices for Humanity and Nature” has been selected by the journal Philosophies’ editors as the cover of the forthcoming issue.

I asked to provide the cover image Mr. Junkyu Muto, who is a distinguished painter and sculptor. His works have been permanently installed in Papal Imperial Villa in Vatican City, at Mahabodhi Temples (World Heritage) in Buddha Gaya in India, at Devils Tower in Native American sacred place, Wyoming, and so on. I am grateful for his kindness.

Philosophies, Volume 7 (2022)

Philosophies, Volume 7, Issue 4 (August 2022) – 19 articles

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