Integral Technology Ideas

Maybe this can be a threat to discuss applications of technology in an integral way? Or just some fun stage yellow+ applications. That connect multiple systems together or are just outside of the possibilities of the stage orange profit over all blind spot.

  1. Connect dolphins to the internet: (i said this was going to be fun :D) Dolphins have brains larger then humans and with equal density. There is a chance there intelligence is human level or beyond, there limitations being no hands. Making humans appear vastly superior, but this is not the case. With AI it is possible to create a human to dolphin language translator, a tool to be used to communicate and translate human language to dolphins. With this baby dolphins can be thought human language and from there we can connect them to computers. Computers fitted with screens for there underwater eyes and a mouse/keyboard fitted for there bodys. In this situation it is possible we will see new integral member sign ups from the dolphin species. We speculate about intelligent life in the universe and what we would do when we find them? The answer is already here, dolphins…

  2. Decentralized Community owned company’s/systems: This is a huge domain space with infinite untapped integral potential. To simplify going to focus on one aspect, designing the incentives within systems. A side note a great resource is the Complexity Labs youtube channel with amazing stage yellow videos/courses on systems thinking and systems inovation (bottom right quadrant stuff). Ok back to topic: all this best explained vai examples: imagine a decentralized restaurant, this restaurant will be owned by the people and governed by the people, all profits generated by the restaurant are accumulated into a community crypto wallet, controlled by the system, where the governing system takes care of how to spend and distribute the welt. Decision can be made vai a voting app, where people vote for individual concerns, there are no middle men or hierarchies (ceo… kind of stuff). There is only the community. All this is possible because blockchain allows us to build systems where rules are written in code, all transactions made fully transparent. This creates a system/restaurant where the people who use the product have a direct vested interest in making that system succeed. If this didnt blow your mind, i apology ,i must of done a poor job explaining it, because this is how we will move society from stage orange infrastructure to stage yellow. Best part about all this is it does not require any of the existing flawed and corrupt systems to change. It is a separate entity entirely, not situated or part of any city/country. It exists in virtual space. Just like how bitcoin is unstoppable for the same reasons. This was a simple restaurant example, but we can scale up and have global countries that exist entirely on the blockchain, no physical ground. With the potential to unite the world and dissolve borders. As long as the incentives within the systems are in the right place…

  3. Decentralized Autonomous company’s/systems: Imagine machines that work for and provide welt to a community owned company. Example: Machines that maintain a large farm, bringing in varias foods/goods that are sold, profits made are funneled to a public community controlled company, governed by community voting like #2 above. All the welt generated goes to the people. This is a potential solution to the AI job crises that is about to come. The welt generated can be used for anything, like sustaining a mini house community. Where people receive housing/food/living pay allowance, without the need to work. This also solves the issue with power control where the top 1% control all the AI resources sending the world into poverty, with this there is no need to make the top 1% change or do anything different, we can walk a separate path free from it all. Unless… they revert to stage red, militarize… and establish control by force. There are many other potential issues… lol lets just ignore for now…

Ok tell me what you guys think of this all, any aspect of it and bring your own ideas to the table :D.

Hey! I have a tech startup and I’m working on point 2 and 3 (we are trying to build “the” community of community and provide already an all in one tool for communities to engage their members.) We wrote a paper on decentalisation and communities! I’d be happy to chat about it :slight_smile:

@HawaiianRyan I told you that there is something about communities and decentralisation :smiley:

@Damiano Haha I’m glad you saw this – was gonna summon you forth to share your project :wink:

Incredible, how far along is the project? how does it compare to other similar projects like district0x? any ideas of the types of community projects your interested to work on?

@corey-devos Would be great if can be moved to this system, removing the stage orange paywall issues… moving us to a stage yellow paywall that promotes growth.

Good lord so many ideas that are awesome. Would love to hear more, that youtube channel you dropped test is awesome.

I’ve been having similar ideas in the games world but wasn’t thinking of them as integral.You have old school top down games, linear experiences given by a higher creative telling a story. You have the MMOs and such, an advance in bringing the human factor but not too creative or dnyamic. As opposed to some of the things you mentioned above, a self generated community, various creatives - modellers, storytellers, animators, programmers etc using open source game engines and universal languages such as unreal, (which is powerful enough for the triple A companies to use but free!) to create their own communal gaming systems.

Which would change the values, far less for money and more for creativity, meaning, value.

#2-3 have already been addressed by the Fediverse.

Hey Test, we are quite far ahead… the product is on the market, we fundraised (500startups is one of our investors) and working with large organisations.
I would love to create a community of all communities who are linked to integral and decentralisation linking together ALL integral people… also the ones who don’t label themselves as such yet

If anyone of you wants to work on it together I would love to chat!: We are happy to give all needed tech cause we feel this would be the ideal target to work with.

In comparison with district0x with are more far ahead on the consumer / organisation product side of the product but far behind still on the decentralisation aspect. (would love to be in touch with them to collaborate)

All contents in the platform are interoperable within communities so that if two organisation work on the same goal they can do it in common.

The main functionalities we offer for communities are:

  • Member directory to discover interests, skills location of people int he community
    (we could build a directory of integral people in 5 min… or a tinder for integral people with a couple more weeks of work :D)
  • Project collaboration like Slack but with the possibility to build teams with specific roles (ex you need a developer, a designer a marketer for your project… the platfomr will find them and you can collaborate via chat
  • Discussions clustered by channels/topics
  • Events
  • Activity templates to shae event formats or best practivces of projects to replicate and scale anywhere (we can save all projects or event formats done in integral field to make them scale)
  • Job board (we can build an integral job network)
  • Deals and Perks board
  • Sharing and booking of physical resources
  • Membership payments if we need to make a community self-sustainable
  • Call for ideas management to launch collective croudsourcings

this is a sample of what we do

its a bit of an old video, we are rebranding so we will produce better materials :slight_smile:
This is we website we are also re-doing soon:

Presumably this works as well for collaborating online? Alot of tech jobs can be done remotely.

it would allow anyone to create a community to collaborate online and launch projects / find jobs and more.
It could also be an easy way to create integral online commmunity business models (ex and integral Linkedin :smiley:

I love it, in large part because it feels like you and the other guys on this have a really strong grasp of the current state of the lower right quadrant, systems, and also where it should go, curious if that’s accurate? I’m pretty sure for me it’s a major weakness of mine so feel a bit like a sponge all this.

We already do 2 and 3, it’s called owning stock in a company.

Tragically, the Government takes poor and middle class peoples money from them using Coercion and the Threat of Violent Force, calling it Income Tax and Social Security and Medi Investment in Government Bonds, borrowed money that bares a rate of interest.

No option for investing in companies that would make them direct stock holders with a right to Dividends, a portion of the profit, and a say so in how the company is run.

No need for some new concept we already have it up and running well. It is time to get the Government out of our Income and prohibit the Direct Taxation of Income and allow the poor and middle class to invest in the market like those in Government and the wealthy.