Integral Theory and paranoid schizophrenia


I am writting to you with a couple of questions concerning Integral Theory and Ken Wilber, I just read his book Brief History of Everything. But first a little bit about myself - two years ago I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I had two psyhotic breakdowns during which I regressed and had quite an interesting time to put mildly, from seeing visions to identyfiying with mythical figures. At the time I thought I was having a mystical experience, now I see I was probably just having a regression in to a mythical or even lower state.

Ken writtes about develpmental fulcrums in his book and at fulcrum 1, the usual pathology is suppose to be psychosis and most cases of adult schizophrenia. I was just wondering about his research, since I can not find any other sources citing this claim. I have found many theories about the causes of schizophrenia, but never this one. Do you maybe have any more information on this?

I guees what I would also like to know is, what would you or Ken reccomend in this case (if I remeber correctly he reccomends taking medicine, which I do, antipsyhotics once a month). And I am wondering, how both, paranoid schizophrenia and taking antipsyhotics affect my spirtual path? Or how has and does this pathology affect the ascension towards and beyond the higher developmental fulcrums? And if there is anything else I can do about this except take my medicine.

I also regularly, daily meditate (using binural beats, Holosync), do Qi Gong and weight lift.

Thank you for your help and answers,


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Hello Jure. Welcome to the Integral life forum.
I don’t have enough knowledge to help you,but i wish you all the best in your life.
Maybe you should try to find a good psychotherapist too. Even if you don’t go on therapy, you can choose counseling insted. Maybe you should try with developmental analytic or with transpersonal psychotherapy. Unfortunately there are no integraly informed therapists here. In my family there were the cases of mental illnes too, so i know the life can be very hard. You have all my respect and support in your life journey and i am confident you will continue to grow personaly and spiritualy.
Your first and last name sounds like you are somewhere from Slovenia. I live in Slovenia…
Take care and i hope someone here on this forum can give you better answer…

Hej Bojan! Yes I am from Slovenia, from Zagorje to be exact! Hvala za odgovor, sem že našel nekaj informacij in študiram naprej materiale od WIlberja. Lep pozdrav iz Zasavja,


It sounds like you are addressing treatment from an Integral POV.