Integral Theory applied through the DUNE series (SPOILERS)


I would have liked to spend more time on this, but I should probably just get this out while I have it typed, flaws and spelling mistakes and all.
It’s also in a kind of “brainstorming” format.
I’m not a Dune nor Integral Theory expert by any means.


Integral Theory through the Dune series.

These are reflections I have from the original books written by Frank Herbert. I am not including concepts from any movies or any books written by his son.

The God Emperor Leto – Teal, all Quadrants. Has assimilated most of his shadows, with the exception being his relation to the feminine and love (see below). But he has integrated all his genetic history and all cultures going back through 20,000 years. As far as I know, he did not deal with the issues of the other “faces” of God, so I don’t see him as Turquoise. He was the manifestation of just one of the “faces of God”. He is much like many would consider a real, physical male God.

Duncan Idaho – Probably the most “Integral” character in the whole book. He starts out as Green tier in the first book. It might be said he was Paul’s “Mother”. At least, he bears this energy more than his biological mother, the Lady Jessica who seems to hold more of the shadows of mother energy. She is more cold and calculating regarding Paul and even moreso Alia, and is in continual conflict over power and control with her own Mother figure, the Bene Gesserit. It is Duncan Idaho who displays true unwavering love and unconditional acceptance towards Paul, and he also coordinates and establishes with the Fremen, requiring him to see and integrate multiple perspectives.

In Dune Messiah, this integration goes further when Duncan comes back as a Ghola. He is trained as a Mentat (Orange Rational) as well as a ZenSufi Philosopher (the only main character who regularly touches on the Turquise).

In God Emperor, the Ghola Duncan returns for uncounted lives as The God Leto’s nonbiological shadow lover (emotional only, not physical). Birth, death, rebirth as an unending cycle. Duncan is unfailingly and unquestioningly loyal. This relationship is in shadow though, because Leto uses and manipulates and exploits Duncan for his own grand plans. Until in the end Duncan is cast aside as a Love interest and replaced by the feminine Siona, who would cause Leto’s willing self destruction.

The Scattering – humanity achieves Turquise and spread like endless seeds through the Universe. In my opinion, this is where the series should have concluded.

The Fremen were a society that started in Crimson / Red, surviving in a hostile environment until the mythic sparks planted by the then Missionary Protectiva transformed the Fremen into a Literal Mythic cult with Paul Mau’Dib as their messiah. Their religious war tore through the known universe, killing billions and imposed a totalitarian Amber theocracy that lasted 3,000 years.

House Harkonnen were a family that also operated at Crimson / Red altitude, but were the “enemy”. In actual practice, House Artredies ended up committing far more atrocities that house Harkonnen, and it is completely relative which is “better” or “worse”. One interesting thing is that the Baron Harkonnen had to be integrated into House Atredies in order to move forward to higher altitudes.

The Bene Geserit were an Orange altitude organization who used Amber shadows for manipulation and control. The did not actually believe or even conceive the Power that Paul Mau’Dib or The God Emperor Leto would have. They wanted to produce a supreme being in the flesh, but apparently did not actually believe he would be such, because they thought they would be able to control and use such a being to further their own ends.

House Corrino, the Landsrad, the Spacing Guild were all organizations that operated at an Orange altitude