Integral threat analysis

Has anyone performed an integral threat analysis? I’m curious as to what people think is a threat to individual and world integral progression, I mean this in world cultural terms, by population. I mean to provoke thoughts and perspectives. I can feel the fear in my even asking the question! Best, Joshua


First of all, IT security is one of my sub-disciplines, so threat analysis is just another day at the office. Also, any business person should be doing things like SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). A more generic idea is environmental scan, which is the equivalent of Darwinian survival 101. Our homindid forebears who failed at threat analysis were on some predator’s menu, so those of us who made it this far have innate abilities to peer over the horizon.

Accepting your invitation, my most urgent concern for the future of the planet is rogue nations with nukes. There is another thread in this space addressing that topic. After that, the environment. Long-term, human adaptation to a sustainable relationship to a finite planet is probably the most pressing challenge, but until we handle global governance and holster the nukes, its going to be hard to make headway on the environment. After that come a host of social issues such as poverty, disease, crime, racism, and oppression. The world can likely muddle through all those, assuming we don’t cook ourselves quickly with nukes or slowly with atmospheric degradation.

The integral solution to all these - to everything really - involves personal development along lines, levels, stages, quadrants, etc. The biggest threat therefor is people failing to grow to their potential through various forms of stuckness and deflection.


I am impressed with your thought process. I will investigate this SWOT Awareness Lens you have offered as integral to my thinking, and tell you of how I make use of it. I am fascinated by the intersection of extradimensional analysis aka alien studies. Alien mind of a higher density of consciousness put their fingers on the course of evolution. I believe a team of 3rd or higher tier lifeforms will warp reality in our favor. May the SDi path open upward in ever expanding circles of inclusion. May AQAL inform mankind as we pattern seek the Integral Alien. The universe is ultimately in our favor, but every day we push onward and upwards!

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Integral threat analysis? Integral as a somewhat cohesive movement lost steam by 2009. Different groups have fractured off and developed the work.

There are many, but Zak Stein really has brought the integral dialog to maturity.

I would start here:

Welcome to Integral Life, I grant it Cohesive Steam. How did you get on this site if you do not believe in its Validity?