Integral Ventures Invests in Eshylon Scientific, Revolutionary Temporary Bonding for Semiconductor Manufacturing

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Integral Ventures is pleased to announce that it has invested in Eshylon Scientific, which is revolutionizing thin wafer handling and the temporary bonding market for large semiconductor manufacturers with its innovative, multi-patented Mobile Electrostatic Carriers (MESCs).

I have a fun idea for Integral Ventures. I don’t think I’d be qualified to lead it up, but maybe you could find some interested people to pursue the idea.

I call the company “Mr. Zendo” and the basic idea is for the first part of the business is for there to be space along the walls of a zendo like space where visitors can face the wall and sit while they view a dharma talk, homily, guided meditation, guided prayer, speech, etc. of their choice. They could choose to sit on meditation cushions, zen benches or directly on a mat. The screens that they use on the wall could be touch screens with earphones that allow them to select a particular course to follow over several visits. The content could follow a standard format and any 501c3 could contribute content over the web that would then be accessible to the visitors. The content could be organized based on expert curation or community voting. For instance, Ken WIlber could identify lesson plans at each stage of development within several major traditions and his curation would appear in a prominent position on the intro screen that visitors see. Visitors could also score the quality of the different courses or offer their own categorization suggestions. This portion of the business would be cost free and could possibly qualify for nonprofit status.

The second portion of the business would be a cafe that specializes in cosplay. People who wear religious outfits could blend in with workers and visitors who are dressed in whatever outfits they like. The basic idea is playful conciousness raising. We play characters within our different traditions but our identities extend beyond the roles we play.

This could be packaged as a franchise opportunity. I call it an “ecumenical automate and cosplay venue”. I hope that by practicing and learning alone-together we can build some sort of meta-community that encourages growth within each tradition and dialog between traditions.


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There could be a once a week official cosplay night. The rest of the week people could dress up if they want. It might never be required to hang out or work there.

By making it a franchise opportunity, Integral Ventures wouldn’t take on much risk. They could handle the basic branding and design issues and the person taking out the franchise would take on most of the business risk and management work.

They could offer discounts on ebooks that are purchased using the cafe wifi. They could also have some free selections, again, only for people who are using the cafe wifi.

Mr. Zendo could offer courses for a fee anywhere on the internet, but make them accessible for free from inside the cafe. The revenues could be shared with the content creators. Perhaps there could be a flat subscription fee to access all courses from anywhere.

Even if this idea isn’t quite right, maybe it will inspire something even better!

A couple more thoughts.

There could be voluntary empirical testing at the consoles, where taking an empirical test would earn you free drinks or food. We could use these tests to gauge the developmental level of the population and maybe even design tests to identify new developmental hierarchies - if possible.

We may not need to charge for the courses if outside of the cafe. Or maybe some courses always cost and are discounted within the cafe. Just some thoughts. It would be nice to help teachers to make a living. I’m open to suggestions.