Integral Ventures Invests in the World’s Leading Engine Additive (Discount for Integral Life Community!)

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Integral Ventures is pleased to announce that it has established Engine Performance, LLC, which has acquired the rights to distribute BestLine, the leading combustion engine additive on the market. BestLine represents a front line of defense against climate change by improving fuel economy, lowering emissions, and dramatically improving engine performance for car owners.

Engine additive! Are you kidding? This is just a scam. So much for integral ventures.

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@cuchula Could you elaborate on why you think it is a scam?

Engine performance motor oil additives are regularly tested by automobile associations and I have never read a serious report finding that they have any significant positive impact on emissions. The benefits of engine additives are at least disputed. Most claim to have almost magical powers. To describe this product, as Integral Life does in this case, as “front line defense against climate change” is hugely exaggerated, if not downright misleading. Maybe the blurb written above about this product reads like marketing hype because it is marketing hype?

I’d like to know more about not just the product, but also the company. Is their company culture and leadership demonstrably Integral? How did Integral Ventures go about choosing Engine Performance LLC? I.e. what criteria did they meet?

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Hmm, Tesla with its long-term visionary thinker Elon Musk is pushing so hard for electric vehicles and sustainable energy that thousands of people reserved it even before seeing it and another car companies started to produce electric cars that looks nicer than golf car. Meanwhile, Integral Ventures are investing in fossil fuel supporter.

Can Robb or someone provide a pointer to the Integral Ventures philosophy (other than “Integral”), what sectors you are looking at? there was also a Nanotech announcement back in June - - have I missed any others?

According to Project Farm, an independent consumer who tests products on his YouTube channel, Best Line’s film strength outperforms conventional motor oils by a large margin. The non-bestline engine quite at 38 minutes when the oil was drained out and the best line engine lasted 70 minutes without oil.