Integral Ventures Signs on to Executive Produce Stuart Davis’s The Clones, Invites Integral Life Members to Participate

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Integral Ventures is thrilled to announce that it signed on this week to join Matt Haught and Melissa Fritz to executive produce a TV pilot of The Clones, an original half-hour scripted comedy by Stuart Davis where family bonds are also family binds. As part of the deal, the producers have agreed to invite Integral Life members to participate in the funding.

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Hi All,

Seems like an interesting pilot!
I fail to see how it is in the interest of Integral Life members to fund it, though.
What am I missing? Or is my shadow lifting its skirt a little?


Hey Paul, we sometimes get involved in projects we want to support, and those projects sometimes take the form of investments that might pay a return. The invitation here is simply that, Stuart agreed to make investment slots available to IL members because I suggested some of them might be interested in doing so. You can discuss the way the economics work with Stuart, but basically funders get a % of the show and if it gets picked up by a network, they will enjoy a return on their capital plus potential downstream profit. Hope this clarifies.