Integral voting: a question


Could an integralist justify voting Republican in this year’s mid-term election?


Probably better than most people :slightly_smiling_face:
(I know this is not what you were trying to get at, but I couldn’t resist…)


Straight down the ballot Republican or sit this one out!


I wrote in Batman characters 🤷


Every once in a while I think back to Frank Herbert’s DUNE series and think to myself maybe what humanity really needs is a good old repressive religious Tyranny for a few thousand years to really get the aversion to it into our DNA. Or 10,000 years on a planet that essentially a toxic waste dump might give humanity an aversion to absurd overconsumption.

So yeah, sure - why not. Vote Republican and let’s get some kind of pseudo-religious despotic God Emperor (though fake) on the planetary throne.


Ya I really liked that film


I wonder if the “silent majority” chose to “get out of the way”?

Or did the Republicans just follow a failed man with a plan set up to fail when he put forward the some of the worst candidates in my lifetime - and therefore it was a well-deserved loss.


The majority of voters agree … they think we’re headed in the wrong direction … both sides believe they’re in the right and put the blame on the other side. The tyranny of mass formation, as we discussed in the post below, moves even closer to tyranny on both sides.