Interview with Andrew Cohen on Intersubjective Nonduality


In episode 30 of The Future Faces of Spirit, ANDREW COHEN joins Bruce Alderman and Layman Pascal for a trialogue on his pioneering efforts in developing an integrative, evolutionary spirituality that is responsive to the unique challenges of our times. Andrew is candid about the successes and shortcomings of his earlier work with the EnlightenNext community, and focuses in our conversation here on working productively with the genuine insights, breakthroughs, and lessons learned over the past 30 years, emphasizing the ongoing importance of spiritual awakening, the nature of intersubjective nonduality, the challenges of our contemporary meaning crisis, the indispensability of clear intention and earnestness in transformative practice, and the value of an evolutionary understanding and a metaphysics of becoming for engaging with the world instead of pursuing a mystical retreat from it.

I haven’t listened to this, but I did recently watch a conversation between Andrew and Marc Gafni on death. Some good stuff there.

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