Invitation to 30 min zoom group meditation at 9am EST


Hi folks. A small group of us have been coming together for the past week to do a group meditation on zoom and we would like to invite any others that may be interested to join us. There are currently 6 or 7 of us and we turn up, take a couple of minutes to make a start, sit with our inner movements/stillness with the gentle intent to become more still, then invite minimal dialogue for 5 mins and end. All in all it takes about 40 to 45 mins and is held very lightly with no right or wrong.

The person who initiated the invitation to come together wanted to see how this ongoing daily practice of sitting with others that he perceives as being more still inside than himself, would affect his nervous system in general and how he then was over the course of the day. There are no expectations, commitments or costs involved, just an interest and willingness to explore. If you are interested please email me on for the link.