Invitation to Friday zoom group 6pm UK time

Billy, I would like to offer a weekly 2hr small group zoom call where we learn to simply be together from a place of understanding, acceptance and compassion for each others differences and opinions and developmental status etc. A space where we practice this and pay attention to our behaviour in relation to each other and share what’s moving for us in the present moment. Where we practice presence and embodied awareness and watch for being too heady or too much in our egoic psychological functioning such as our childhood conditioning, beliefs and mindsets and projecting and transfering onto each other, in contrast to being more in our hearts in understanding and acceptance, compassion, forgiveness etc. of people being exactly where they are. This post is in relation to Nomali’s email of 13th Jan which speaks to those wishing to run or attend self organized zoom groups. This is the link from her email.

I am interested on being on this group, Billy, if there is still room. Thanks for the invitation. Wheaton