Is anyone interested in being interviewed (about anything Integral)?

On the thread “Who is your dream guest for Integral Life”, I had pitched the idea of interviewing people from this message board “wisdom of crowds” style, so that all of the talent, intelligence, and insights of you wonderful people could be given a platform. The post was well received, and I haven’t heard any follow up from Cory or anyone else at IL. So I thought i’d take it upon myself to offer this to anyone if they are interested.

It would be a way for anyone to share their unique perspectives, life stories/experiences, and specific projects and ideas about Integral - I know lots of us are humble and may shy away from self-promoting, so this is a way for everyone to share their ideas and promote your work in the world using the Integral framework. It will give us an opportunity to know each other more intimately (via Zoom camera or voice podcast on Zencastr or another platform) and therefore continue to build community on a more intimate level.

As I said in my original post, I am so, so impressed by all of the brilliance, creativity, wisdom,and general goodness of this community, and would be honored to give any of you a larger platform to express yourselves. We can talk about any topic you like - simply sharing your life story and how Integral came to you, specific topics of interest within Integral (I’m decently knowledgeable about everything except hardcore science stuff) and the ways you are applying it in the world. The interviews can then be shared with this board (will nail down the specifics of how this will be done - Youtube, website, etc.) Feel free to PM me or email me at if you are interested and we can arrange the details.

I’m looking forward to it!

Love you all.

Edit: I’m thinking about calling the podcast “Talking with Teal.”


I do like the name “Talking With Teal.” It’s punchy and euphonious at the same time. But I’m wondering if we want to limit this to teal. Turquoise? Indigo? On up? And even down? Or sideways?

I do hope this project of yours gets off the ground, whatever it ends up getting named.

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Hey, Ryan. Charles here. I just stumbled across your post. I like your idea and would be happy to sit for an interview. Recently I have been working on a project with a friend of mine, a psychologist and former United Church of Canada pastor, who is a member of a progressive theology group here in White Rock. The group is currently trying to help the church cope with a recent crisis involving Gretta Vosper, a minister in Toronto who came out a few years ago as an atheist. Yup. The conflict was headed for resolution in a “heresy” trial, but the church blinked and is leaving Vosper alone for now. However, the theological dispute is not settled, and the church nationwide is in an uproar. I gave a talk to the Prog. Theol. group two weeks ago, suggesting that Integral Philosophy offers a framework for seeing how both parties - Vosper and the Church - can not only co-exist but embrace each other. The presentation was well received and will get a follow-up early in the new year. I’m thinking of posting something about the issue here.
I hope all is well with you. I’ll contact you soon by email.
Best regards.

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Yes, as I normally interview others. would be nice to be interviewed myself.

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It was a great pleasure to interview @Charles_Marxer! The interview can be found here:

We talked about Charles’s efforts to move the Church of Canada towards an Integral Christianity. Unfortunately we ran short on time but will do another one. More on the way! (And don’t be shy about contacting me if you wanna be interviewed! :smiley:)


It was a blast interviewing Karen Voorhees!

Karen and I discuss her Integrally structured novel, and its potential to transform our collective consciousness as we usher in the next stages of human evolution. We also touch on visions of the future as well as what Integral activism could look like.

Thank you @ksv!

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It was hugely fun to interview @Heidi!

Heidi and I discuss her background in Integral voice training and music, how Ken’s books informed her approach to masculine and feminine, and Jordan Peterson’s Integral contribution.

Thank you Heidi!


I enjoyed the Charles Marxer interview. Good work Charles.


It was huge fun to interview @Damiano! We talked about the power of visualization, UBI, Integral politics, and a whole lot more.

Thank you Damiano!

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Thank you so much @HawaiianRyan! It was a lot of fun :slight_smile:


Thank you @Ryan. It was really satisfying to be on the other side in the interviewing setting. It made me reflect on things which I might not have done without your questions! Thanks again

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Thank you, Peter. My second meeting with the United Church folks had to be postponed on account of snow, so the second interview with Ryan will have to wait a while.

Best regards

This sounds awesome. I’d love to participate in any way I can.