Is it okay to take on the course "Loving Completely" as a single person?



I am currently single and wanted to know if it is a good idea to buy the course Loving Completely, because from reading the description it is recommended for couples. Obviously, I can buy it and check out it’s content, yet I am unsure if I should not focus on other courses and or programms. Yet, I really enjoy watching content from Dr. Keith Witt and I wanted to learn more about relationship building instead of for instance pick up etc.

Is it a good idea to buy the course anyone bought the course and saw it’s value for instance as a single person or as a couple ? I presume this is more of an unusual questions, yet receiving support here would be very kind.


Absolutely it is! In fact, this is what the course was originally designed for — for folks like yourself to explore while “in between” relationships, so you can ensure that your next relationship choices will be your best. It is wonderful for couples to do together as well, but is designed with the individual in mind.

I hope that helps!


Awesome ! Thanks for the feedback lol.

I will get to the course as soon as I finish the one I just bought, I have to take care to not overburdening myself.

Very happy to hear that the course is also designed for singles !


As I mentioned to someone else, if you wait a few weeks it will be included in our Memorial Day sale at a discount. Just a heads up :slight_smile: