Is Lex Fridman an integral thinker?

I have been listening to a lot of Lex Fridman podcasts recently - and he seems to me to approach life (and his long-form interviews) in an integral way. In his interviews, he gives everybody space and genuinely - it seems to me - tries to embrace all perspectives (and with love/empathy).

Do you think Lex is an integral thinker? Just curious what you think (if you have come across him).

Made me wonder about Sam Harris and even Joe Rogan.

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I am a fan of Lex’s podcast. He is brilliant and very socially adapt at comfortably pulling information from people. I was a fan of Sam Harris’ as a fellow A-thiest I enjoyed his “spirituality without religion” but he’s fallen from his wisdom perch in my view.

I’ve enjoyed Lex Fridman’s podcasts for sure, and I recognize many of the same traits that you do. I think he is clearly a Teal thinker and interviewer, even if he doesn’t have the benefit of an Integral map to help make better sense of that territory. I am not sure how much of a developmental perspective he has, which is something that would presumably come online naturally at the Teal stage (or at least the capacity to hold stage theory), but I definitely get that overall integral impulse with him.

I don’t get that so much with Rogan, who I think is entertaining, but he resonates more with my own inner umber-orange stages, with maybe a sprinkling of green.

Of course, all this is kinda impossible to determine, and the most we can really say is, “when I look at these folks from the teal space in myself, I see, recognize, or resonate with something, or not.” So I can feel Teal resonance with Lex, in a way I cannot feel with Rogan. I always try to be cautious about color-coding human beings, because we are just more complex than that, and this approach keeps us a bit more clean, I think, since we are really making our own subject into object, rather than someone else’s.