Is there going to be an Integral Wiki?

Now that I’m at the very prestigious Trust Level 1 (hold the applause, please), I have permission to edit the wiki. Is this for real? Where? When?

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Admin/mods have the option to turn any thread into a wiki thread, which can then be edited by any Level 1-5 user. This could definitely be something we use, if we can put our heads together and decide on a useful implementation.

Some more information here:

Also, congratulations on your promotion. I find that I trust you now even more than I did before :slight_smile:


Any thought given to wikipedia instead to reach a broader audience and simply link back in? If we want to keep it inside the Integral Life Community silo, do we have a choice on wiki features? For example, I’d love for it to have “semantic media” features so the content can be annotated with standard page metadata and thus query-able.

If we engage with Wikipedia, and perhaps Wikidata, then we would become a part of something bigger including the linked open data on the web accessible via DBPedia. Over time our relational threads and conceptual content would shift the larger audience up the spiral just by being broadly accessible if nothing else. Just a thought.

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I had a wiki a few years trying to bring my definitions (integral & integal-equivalent) into one space. Not sure I even recall it’s location or password but it is a pleasing notion to work on the self-clarifying function of linked definitions…