Israel and Hamas The War of Armageddon?

The known actions of violence are repugnant and unacceptable to a civilized society. If we look at the intentions, the rhetoric and the historical opinions from those on the other-side of our preferred world-view there can be clarity. The choices and politics around these issues are no-longer right and wrong, it’s wrong and worse wrong.

Is this the battle of Armageddon in the bible? According to the bible this is the war of the “great day of God, the Almighty” … in which God pours out his just and holy wrath against unrepentant sinners, in a literal end-of-the-world final confrontation. Spoiler alert God wins! The bible further states that “God is love”. Love is a mind-set, humans are changing their their minds as the battles across the world wage on.

Warning if you despise Trump, Biden, America, Hamas, Israel, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, Covid-believers, Anti-vaxxer Flat-earthers, Republicans, Rino’s, Conservatives, Democrats, Progressives, WOKE Liberals, Christian’s, Muslims Morman’s, Jews, Priest’s, Rabbi’s, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Scientists, Aniti-scientists, Scientologist’s, BLM, MAGA, LBGTQ+, Racists, Anti-racists. Globalists, Global Hoaxers, Big Pharma, Global Warming, Climate Change, Nuclear Weapons, Sex & Drug Traffickers, Immigration, Build a Wall, Border Crossings, Welfare State, the UN, WHO, FBI, CIA, WEF, CDC, and a 1000 more, it’s your chance to choose sides.

These are all human ideologies promoting the propaganda that keep us all hyped and resonating with a low-vibe energy of worry, fear and anger that feeds the dark-side. This is all dying right now in front of our eyes. The survivors are wakening-up within the twinkling of an eye to who we really are.

We are Love! Love is the victor of this war to end all wars. In love we will unite. Under this banner of love we can just stand and watch as all these corrupt governments and corrupt political shenanigans, and all the other evils of humanity die at the hand of God. We decide which side we’re own. Remember, God is Love!