Joining the practices

Hi everyone Im new here and I wanted to join the practice tonight by Lisa Frost on integrating previous stages but I was the only person in the call. Is this normal? Do they call it off if no one else joins? It came up in my calendar for 10pm GMT and its a shame because it sounds like a great topic.

Would love to join too. Sounds like a great topic

As far as I know, there is no roster before the session, so there would be no information on which to cancel. Lisa is a pretty popular presenter and it would surprise me if only one person showed up. When I was new, I occasionally scrambled my time zones and Daylight Saving and missed things I really wanted to do. I’m sorry you didn’t get to do it, and hope you sign up for something else soon. She will probably do it again next month. All the Integral Life events display in my browser with my local time zone (North American Mountain). Perhaps there is some miss-set preference in your computer, browser or Integral Life account.

@andyjohnsonman Lisa ended up having about 35 people or so for that session. Is it possible that either a) you showed up a bit late, or b) you clicked the auto-generated “Google Meet” link after adding to your calendar?

Google is currently adding bogus Meeting rooms to these events. Just to be clear, the session Zoom links can only be found on the actual session page here on Integral Life, so the calendars should just be used as reminders to go back to the session page for the Zoom link.

I hope this is helpful!