Ken Wilber Books - Book Club Anyone?



Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

I am reading Ken Wilber’s books and need to discuss what I read with others who are interested in his school of thoughts. Please let me know if you are interested in forming a book club on his books here. I am currently reading Integral Life Practice, The Theory of Everything and On Taste. I am open to order suggestions.

Wishing everyone an evolving, rolling, and playful 2021.

Shabnam Curtis


I would be interested in a KW discussion group.


I have read part of the religion of tomorrow.
also have the Integral life practice kid maybe I can help.


I am interested. Zoom?


I just finished No Boundary, what’s next?


Hi folks. I am currently reading ‘The Religion of Tomorrow’ and would like to explore it in a zoom group with a handful of others. I am in Scotland so UK time zone. I am happy to just take action and get something moving even if there are only 2 people to start with. I would also like it to be an easy going gentle sharing space and not too serious and heavy on the reading or trying to fix/council/coach each other. I have a zoom account if necessary.