Ken Wilber's stage of growing up


I wanted to ask how which stage is Ken Wilber at I heard from some audiobook or talk that he himself says he has access to supermind, yet not as a stage, but his center of gravity is at indigo/turquoise?

Ken wilber is at the orange stage… and from that stage of rationality, he can see how contradicting green is and can rationalizes a teal/integral way of being. But he is only at teal in his head, maybe a couple of other lines too but his center of gravity is at orange. His whole beingness is not at teal.

Not sure what I am supposed to make out of this post. I can see your language, but I don’t understand what is meant.

I was interested in what other people think, also because I heard some highly enlightend teachers just “hide” information. Since, they can’t express it openly, they would be regarded as crazy. So, it depends what the other person knows.