Kosmocentric - unbounded into 3rd tier & transpersonal or limited to 2nd?

  1. What is the best way of describing “Kosmocentric”.

  2. Is Kosmocentric bound by Mind and Soul in the nested holarchy and does not reach transpersonal Spirit?

Or is kosmocentric unbounded and transpersonal too (does kosmocentric include 3rd tier?)



Hi erosabound.

Kosmocentric is most commonly related to 3rd tier. I’ll quote a little Wilber on the subject, from the book The Religion of Tomorrow:

pg. 666–“Kosmos” is a Greek word meaning the entire world–the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual. It has sadly been reduced to “cosmos,” which the modern world still claims to be “the whole world,” but it only includes the physical realm–materialistic reductionism, in other words. In Integral Theory, Kosmocentric (Kosmos-centered) refers to a general stage-realm of development, following egocentric (me-centered), ethnocentric (us-centered), and worldcentric (all-of-us centered–all human beings). Kosmocentric (all-world centered) includes not just all humans but all sentient beings, all of reality itself.

pgs 192-193–“Relative consciousness” is any specific level of Consciousness (red, amber, orange, green, and so forth), that is, a particular “amount” of “nothingness,” which allows a particular amount of “somethingness” to arise. Again, the greater the opening of relative consciousness, the more phenomena and more types of phenomena that can arise or appear. This relationship is reflected in the increase in the number of perspectives that higher levels can take–each perspective being a new and greater amount of relative consciousness. Thus, levels up to red can take a 1st person perspective (“egocentric”); amber can take a 2nd person perspective (“ethnocentric”); orange can take a 3rd person perspective (“worldcentric”); green. a 4th person; teal, a 5th person; turquoise, a 6th person; super-integral, a 7th person and higher (“Kosmocentric”).

Hope this helps!