Law of attraction and the secret


Hello everyone , I had a question , for the past 10 years I am interested in the law of attraction , creative visualisation , manifestation and attending various wealth seminars and workshops so that I can manifest material abundance using meditation and the power of my mind , so does it mean I was fixated at the magic tribal level of development , but before being interested in the law of attraction and stuff like that i was very rational , logical and hardworking and goal oriented like an orange, but I found that i was not satisfied , but after practicing these manifestation techniques I feel very empowered and responsible for my own life, i stopped blaming others and started living a balanced life both materially and spiritually , but according to integral theory this stage where we think we manifest with thoughts and imagination is a lower stage but it feels more empowering than the orange stage , please can someone help me with this dilemma?


Evolving consciousness is about both transcending lower stages and including certain elements of them. Transcend and include: you transcend the viewpoint or worldview of previous stages, but include their important concepts, ideas, even techniques/practices. It is not abnormal or unusual for rational people (or trans-rational people) to use thought and imagination to manifest in their lives. You haven’t lost your rationality; you’ve just supplemented it, for the better, it sounds!


Although I would agree that much of the “Law of Attraction” is grounded in magical thinking, I nonetheless think there are likely several aspects that we could bring into a genuinely integral practice. For example, I don’t think there is necessarily a real “attraction” between positive thoughts and positive effects — but I do think that the overall tone and timbre of our thoughts can absolutely filter our realities in different ways. Thoughts don’t create things, but they do shape our perceptions. A positive outlook helps us recognize positive opportunities when they come our way, and a healthy self-regard can help us seize those opportunities when they do come along. A negative, narrow, or cynical outlook will cause us to focus on negative, narrow, cynical views, and our ability to act on opportunity gets lost in a fog of defeatism.

All that said, I don’t think there is anything wrong at all with maintaining a little magenta magic in our lives, so long as we can hold it in an appropriate way and we don’t lose ourselves to wishful thinking. Does a magical talisman or superstitious belief help you maintain a more positive outlook, or make you feel more connected with a universe you are ultimately inseparable from? Nothing wrong with that, as far as I am concerned. Just be wary of the flip side — just as folks want to attribute positive experiences to positive thoughts, there are many who subscribe to this sort of thinking can easily fall into a downward cycle when negative experiences inevitably occur, because the Law of Attraction tells them that the source of their negative experiences can only becoming from their own internalized negativity. That’s when we fall into the whole “you must have given yourself cancer” sort of thinking, which can be very harmful.

As for the rest of your post, I would never wish to assign you to a color-coded box, because I don’t know your interiors at all, and because human beings are really way more complex than that. However, just from the words you shared with us, it sounds like you may have made a transition from an orange worldview to a green worldview, which is wonderful! This sort of stage transformation often opens us up to all sorts of new influences. Green tends to have an affinity for some things (like magenta magic) and an allergy to other things (like amber fundamentalism, or orange materialism), but either way, it tends to come with a whole new buffet line of new perspectives and ideas for us to play with. This is why “new age” spirituality is often a combination of green and magenta views. Which I think is also fine, so long as it is not being used to reinforce the worst qualities of our own inner Red narcissism :slight_smile:

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Thankk u soo much Corey and Lawanna , i also wanted to ask one thing I have been reading and learning about integral theory since last 6 months , and after losten to Ken’s views about the secret i have stopped creative visualization and positive thinking but instead i am becoming mindful of it and trascending and including like ken talks about in integral mindfulness , but it’s getting very uncomfortable for me as I am consciously trying to transition from one world view to the next, i feel very depressed and feels like i am going through a mini death , any suggestions on how to handle this ?


I look at it from a quadrant perspective. In the UL is your Intention, which is what The Secret is about. If someone’s intention is weak, they are less likely to manifest what they say they want. Unfortunately there are three more quadrants we have to deal with. Is what you want possible for you to have in your collective right now? I can go on wonderful camping trips in the Rockies, but an expedition to Anarctica is a no-go. Are your friends and family telling you you don’t deserve what you want? Are banks unwilling to write you a mortgage because you have the wrong skin color? Do you actually want what you say you want, or are you parroting what your peers think you should want. Prosperity is a great thing, and I believe we have to work at it in all four quadrants. I don’t think it really matters what color you are, but if it’s money you want, being Orange is helpful.


You’ve probably heard of the phrase “Dark Night of the Soul.” IMO, that represents a period of time in which we are moving through a “recontectualization” of meaning. Basically, it’s the process of letting go of former ways of interpreting ourselves and the world around us and embracing a more expanded and aware understanding of existence. It really does feel like a mini death because it kind of is. It’s the shedding of skin to be reborn into a more complete and whole understanding. Over the decades I had some pretty dark times when I went from Orange to Green and then Green to Teal, etc. Just know that what you’re going through is perfectly natural and you’re not alone. Just remain mindful and breath and try not to judge yourself. You’ll get through it and be more aware and evolved as a result of all of it!

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@Neil_Shah I think you might enjoy this classic right here :slight_smile:

As Brian said above, this sounds very much like the sort of “dark night” that we often experience when going through these sorts of major inner transitions/transformations. Just remember, it’s all part of the process. It feels like a mini-death, because that is exactly what it is — one version of you is dying, so that a new you can emerge. It’s brutal, painful, and often plunges us into periods of depression and desperation. And believe it or not, that is good news!

The classic prescription for this, I believe, would be to take refuge in Witness consciousness — that part of you that is timeless, formless, deathless. And then, let yourself die. Or rather, let this present constellation of identity die, so that a bigger, brighter, more translucent identity can emerge. As Ken has said, “if you die before you die, then when you die you won’t die”. These “dark nights” offer a precious opportunity for us to shift our identity out of the separate self, and to then ground it in the effortless Witness at the core of your experience. This doesn’t make the pain and depression go away, but it allows you to hold those sensations in your awareness and attend to them, by feeling that part of yourself that is “bigger” than the relative pains you suffer. I think this brings us to another one of Ken’s famous aphorisms — “hurts more, bothers you less.”

In the meantime, know that you have a loving and supportive community right here, populated by many people who have experienced something very similar to what you are experiencing right now. Look past all the squabbling we see in this space about how to relate to the exterior world — these are products of the integral mind that can get lost in hyper-differentiation. Look instead to the common interior experiences that we like to share with each other — these are products of the integral heart that is intrinsically integrative. There is a tremendous amount of goodness in this community, beyond the ongoing conflicts between narrow and not-so-integral ideologies, and I am very happy that you have found this community while going through this sort of personal transformation. Let us know how we can help!


Thankk you everyone for being so kind and loving with your wonderful replies , i needed a community like this


On topics like this I always remember Richard Bandler, co-founder of Neurolinguisitc Programming.

“A placebo is 25% effective, so take 5 just to be sure.”

Many things “don’t exist”, but yet produce results when practiced.
Magic is merely things that we don’t understand. Many people take the strange approach to never believe anything can’t be proven. They laugh at magic, or Metaphysics, or Mysticism or faith healing, or acupuncture and a thousand other things.
So one thing is that there are many things that work, and we may never know why they work. The only methods we know are often linked to a system of beliefs - like “The Secret”. The Secret can produce great results, but as others said, it’s not guaranteed to work so don’t jump off a cliff and expect to fly without a few bumps and bruises.

But also, there are things we can rationally conclude about how the Secret works from a logical point of view. It’s well know that attractive people have advantages. Also, being optimistic and happy makes people more attractive - so therefore being optimistic and happy will give people an advantage over their sad and depressed twin.