Lessons From Sadhguru & Isha Foundation

I really wish there was more discussion on the internet outlets about the immense work and inspiring output we’re seeing from Sadhguru and the Isha Foundation.

As far as I’m concerned, this seems like a 3rd Tier modern sage whose abiding in God consciousness while running a massive Turquoise organization that’s reforming education in such an inspiring way, dedicated towards ecological and environmental change, inspiring the youth, is a clear systems thinker by how he addresses different audiences, and of course is doing massive work in what I see as a Turquoise ashram bringing the science of yoga to people all over the world regardless of who they are and waking people up, and influencing science, AI, financial markets, and politics!

Talk about a mouthful!

I would love to get some discussion on this. His work is truly inspires me.


I am not familiar with this subject.

I’m not familiar either. Looks fascinating based on their website. What would be a good resource to start with for learning?

I love Sadhguru, his work and educations are inspiring and very powerful, I personally used to follow him a lot before I was introduced to Ken’s work, I believe he is in same line of work as integralists only different his education is mostly in mythic, which work well for his part of the world and audience.


@ kieranperez I have the book now “Sadhguru: More Than A Life”. Looking forward to discovering more online and learning about his spiritual community. Thanks for opening the topic. I was not aware of him before this.

Great respect fornSadhguru! He’s an excellent speaker and a brilliant mind that is able to talk to anyone! :heart::pray:

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Saw him in person in April 2019 in Philadelphia - 21 hour sitting practice training with lectures. I found him charismatic and the all-volunteer staff very helpful and kind. Agree with another comment that he appeals to a culture in a mythic literal sort of way. I found him inspiring. I’m not a follow the guru type of person, and I find myself inspired to meditate, listening to his talks and watching how he handles tough questions.


The book Sadhguru: More Than a Life, a potent biography of Sadhguru written by Arundhathi Subramaniam, a female follower of his teachings, was a page-turner for me. I couldn’t put the book down. The clarity of this witty, colorful, enormously gifted seer, mystic and guru for many Westerners (I’m not among them), just mesmerized me. That he’s also a bit of a jokester, a trickster, and a rogue – all in good karmic alignment to bringing a developed vision of the word “character” to the West, is second nature to this guy as well. He’s called a "sadhguru, due to his prior lack of intellectual development around the basic sacred texts and scriptures that are usually the starting point of intense spiritual training for gurudom. He basically teaches himself, although is influenced (mightily) from outside the world of form.

Sadhguru is also the Big Boss of his own physical and energetic (light) body. That’s what attracted my immediate attention in the book and also contributed to my acceptance of his self-mastery over the phenomenological world of material form. He can create anything (in time) with his thoughts or so it seems. He is literally a highly developed snake charmer, entirely capable of capturing and living with 22 large venomous cobras and vipers in his small bedroom for 3 years. (Of course, this makes total sense – his mastery of kundalini (the spinal serpent energy that resides quiescent in the root chakra until awakened) is the stuff of legend.

His mental acuity is much too sharp to describe accurately in fluid wordsmithing. A few jottings will have to take their place: Love, Heart, Mystery, Light, Clown, King, Saint, Sage, Coach, Dramatist, Tease, and all around Master Manipulator of Form and Substance. His mental model is clearly “Saint” for the depth of his heart overrides any temptation to lie unnecessarily about anything except to retrain the unwilling mind of another to bend to correction in highest need and with greatest support for the other’s interior longing to advance in spirit.

The book also details the development of Sadhguru’s dream of his present life and current mission, actually the culmination of several previous lives of which he was aware, i.e., the construction of an art form and temple centerpiece known to all as the Dhyanalinga at his spiritual headquarters in Coimbatore, India (Tamil Nadu). After many setbacks, he was finally able to bring that temple entity to fruition. It is a groundbreaking spiritual achievement and I’ve not heard of anyone else doing it before. After much trial and error, he was actually able to re-fuse/recombine the masculine and feminine polarities of human sexuality together in a stunning linga that defies description by me, or perhaps by anyone. If you are an energy healer, a medical intuitive, or a developed mystic, or a student of the Cosmic Dance of Tantric Love, perhaps it’s best for you to also read the book and draw your own conclusions. I recommend this book without reservation – in a word mind-bending!

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