Lessons From Sadhguru & Isha Foundation


I really wish there was more discussion on the internet outlets about the immense work and inspiring output we’re seeing from Sadhguru and the Isha Foundation.

As far as I’m concerned, this seems like a 3rd Tier modern sage whose abiding in God consciousness while running a massive Turquoise organization that’s reforming education in such an inspiring way, dedicated towards ecological and environmental change, inspiring the youth, is a clear systems thinker by how he addresses different audiences, and of course is doing massive work in what I see as a Turquoise ashram bringing the science of yoga to people all over the world regardless of who they are and waking people up, and influencing science, AI, financial markets, and politics!

Talk about a mouthful!

I would love to get some discussion on this. His work is truly inspires me.


I am not familiar with this subject.


I’m not familiar either. Looks fascinating based on their website. What would be a good resource to start with for learning?


I love Sadhguru, his work and educations are inspiring and very powerful, I personally used to follow him a lot before I was introduced to Ken’s work, I believe he is in same line of work as integralists only different his education is mostly in mythic, which work well for his part of the world and audience.