Living in the Metacrisis

I;m interested how integral theory would interpret this content.

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Rowson does like to show off his knowledge. My thinking about that is if we are serious about addressing the metacrisis, it would be a good idea to make outreach communications quite a bit simpler and easier for more people to understand.

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The intellectual academics here are great at flexing their personal knowledge through critique and diagnosis. Personally I wish we had more creative contributions like this video offers. Beyond the non-flexible structures of left-brain analysis toward the spiritual space of “beyond the box” thinking.

We need more right-brain creative thoughts that dares to challenge our own self-limiting structural beliefs. Can we challenge or redefine success formulas beyond logic, money and power? Challenge our own personal narratives toward accepting and promoting community caring and cooperative selflessness.

Imagine if we all cared for the success of everyone else? Connecting with others, understanding them as we wish they would connect and understand us? Let all be heard and supported in the spiritual space of love and connection. Maybe in a more right-brained world, where we valued everyone, we would quickly know where we best fit in?

~ Peace :slight_smile:

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Here’s an interesting podcast with Eric Weinstein about the need for a scientific revolution touching on the idea that sciences need to be freed from the chains of uniform thinking.

BINGO … Right on!! @Sidra the path forward is out of the matrix to inside our silence … if we become listeners with strong internal intentions of working together, imagine what we could manifest. :slight_smile:

That’s how I see it. I don’t know if I posted it here or not, but a while back I sketched out a “scope of work” for addressing the metacrisis. In AQAL terms, Quadrant I is square 1. Other moves follow from there.