Looking for a few good holons

Hey guys, I’m looking for a couple Integral Life members to test out a cool new feature I’ve been developing for the site. Let me know if you are interested!

I’m game. I need to type 20 characters, I think I made it

Hi Corey,

What’s up maybe I can contribute?



Awesome, thanks guys! I want to test the new Member Podcast I am putting together. Want to take a look at this page, and see if you can follow instructions to subscribe to the podcast?


Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Was it easy to sign up? Were the instructions clear?

  • Did your podcast app ask you for your IL username/password?

  • Do you like the overall experience? Would you enjoy this way of engaging our weekly releases?

Thanks guys!

Hi Corey, thanks for all your effort. Really enjoying the discussions.

From Pocket Casts - my player:
To add an RSS feed on this app you put the URL in the search bar.

  1. Tried https://integrallife.com/feed/members/ -> got “No podcasts found”
  2. Tried integrallife.com/feed/members/ -> got a list of podcasts including the older “Integral Life Updates” which I kept thinking was where your content would be. Last episode I have is from February 3, 2010. Still good content.

Conclusion: At this point, can’t access from my podcast player. Can’t test further.

Main Website:
I can access it from the main Integral Life website:

  1. Need a clear, memorable podcast name.
  • Free Podcast
  • Member Podcast
    "Think it would be good to use the original “Integral Life Updates”. Or “Navigating the Spiral”. Or “Integral Conversations”. Or “Integral Life Podcast”. Or “Conversations at Integral Life”.

Wide range of possibilities. But it needs to be permanent, stable, and available across most of the podcast players. I would like to have all audio from all Integral efforts available here. I have been confused with the various abandoned efforts and their lingering content, as well as with the various overlap across Integral Life and their friends podcasts (e.g., Daily Evolver, this website). I have ended up listening to the podcasts twice across different podcasts. I really like the Daily Evolver, and often listen to some of those podcasts twice+ already. Also, Ken Wilber episodes where I find them (like here). Like most of this content, I don’t mind the repetition, but I do not find duplication useful.

  1. I listen to so many wide-ranging podcasts, that I like to know what episodes I have already listened to. Since IL knows I am a member, it could remember and then my data could be used to recommend or cross-link other content I would care about.

  2. I like the format of the podcast page and that it does not reload each time I select an episode, but keeps the layout and just replaces the content in the template. Nice to not bounce around.

Potential enhancements:

  1. Would be useful to find a way to have the detailed transcript to also load as content onto this page, perhaps using an expanding “detail” tag or similar widget.

  2. I like that there are tags on the podcasts, but for the one I clicked on, “Integral Politics”, I would have expected it to take me to a filtered list of episodes with that tag.

  3. As I thought about the separate sections, it occurred to me that I listen to both the free and member podcasts. I’d prefer that they be together sorted by date. Perhaps only show Member Content with a “lock” icon on it, to indicate its available only to members (becomes a teaser). Have the page aware whether the person is a member from having logged in.

  4. It would be useful to have the titles always show at least a snippet of the subject or have the text wrap.

On the whole a pretty good experience on the website. Since I can’t find or access the podcast from my player, I can’t give further feedback.

Thanks for the feedback, it’s helpful. Because this is a non-public, password-protected podcast, there are certain limitations around how it can be used and promoted. We can’t publish the feed to any major directories, for example, which is why you didn’t get any results when you did a search. And not all podcast apps are compatible with password-protected feeds. Many of the features you suggest (e.g. locking certain content within a particular feed) is not possible. Thus, the public free feed (which is called “Everyone Is Right”) and the private members feed.

Once publishing to the podcast becomes a regular thing, the free player and member player will be much more closely aligned, since I will be publishing chronologically. At that point I might change the page so you only see the member podcast if you are logged into your membership account, since the premium podcast would trans-clude the free one. Until then, I am making both available.

A few other notes:

  • we do occasional transcripts, but they are so time and labor intensive we can’t do many of them. I don’t think it’s possible to include them in an RSS feed.

  • I am looking into pocket casts right now, will let you know if I get that figured out. They are supposedly compatible.

Will write more soon!

I also wanted to note that this feature is very experimental, and I might end up pulling it if I can’t get the password protection working properly.

For example, I was able to get Pocket Casts working, but it seems to completely bypass our password protection, which means we would have no way to protect the premium feed. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for our members to listen to our weekly content, without even needing to visit the site if they don’t want to — but if I can’t get the security nailed down, we may just need to make due with the member player on the page, which at least will not require people to bounce around from page to page to enjoy our most recent content.

I’m curious. More info please.